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Big Red Cobcast: 100th Episode

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Yeah man, we did it. Success! Now let's pack it up and move on.

I know what you're thinking and yes we are proud of ourselves. So proud we didn't even really make a legible podcast this week. Just four dudes yelling over each other about hats and furniture. Also, a toddler.

But that's the thing when you hit you a milestone like 100 episodes, you get to pretty much make the rules. The problem with that is - we don't do well with rules. We're badasses, we're rebels, we're what they call in the podcast world "rule breakers". So, how can we make the rules and break the rules at the same time?

We can't.

So instead, we give you an hour of gibberish. Humorous gibberish, mind you, but gibberish none the less.

Even this article, for example, is me pushing buttons until I see that I've hit the minimum word limit. Which I think is 150 but I'm not sure exactly. My guess is it's pretty arbitrary - there it is 150.

Please forgive us this week and vote below if this is our best episode or worst episode and also leave in the comments what have been your favorite moments with us. And remember, we will always love you.

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