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In Regards to Husker Football, Harvey Perlman Needs to "Shut Up & Go Away"

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Harvey Perlman is retiring this summer as the Chancellor of the University of Nebraska's flagship campus in Lincoln. Perlman has a lot of accomplishments to be proud of during his tenure, such as the new Innovation Campus that's emerging around the Devaney Center on the old State Fairgrounds.

But during his farewell address last Friday, Perlman decided instead to start off by taking a shot at former football coach Bo Pelini, then bringing up his dismal record when it comes to football.

"You can relax. I'm not going to do a Bo Pelini."

Ha, ha, Harv!

"Do you know what a Bo Pelini is?" Perlman continued. "It is defined in the urban dictionary as an expletive-laced rant expressing outrage on leaving a position you didn’t want anyway.

"Not going to do it."

Nevermind that he got the Urban Dictionary definition wrong. (Or that he has his own unflattering Urban Dictionary definition.) Why in the world is Perlman bringing up Bo Pelini in the first place? What's the point?  To shovel more dirt at Pelini?  Do we really need to bring him up again? (Tom Shatel of the World-Herald says "no".) Who's really being the adult here with their public reactions?  (Hint: when Pelini comes across as the mature, composed adult and not the petty one, it says a lot.)

Perlman later went on to admit that his record on football was not good:

"If my success as chancellor is to be measured by the success of our football team, it would be regarded as a failure."

It shouldn't be measured by football... unless he continues to focus on it. And if that's the case, let's remember that he's the guy who gave Steve Pederson a five year contract extension in late July 2007, only to fire him less than three months later. How much did that cost the University?

Or that Perlman was the face of the BCS, fighting hard to defend college football against the evils of a college football playoff.

No, Harvey Perlman should be judged for what he accomplished for the entire campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Football should hardly factor into that - and because of that, Perlman should just keep his comments regarding football to himself. There's a lot of good things to be said about the rest of the campus.  Focus on that.

Because when Perlman talks football, he comes off looking bad.