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Corn Flakes: Most Are Enthused About 2016 Nebraska Football - Are You?

More are enthused about the coming season of football than you might think.

Gallery: Practice! David McGee

A few weeks ago I did an article which I included a survey about how husker fans felt regarding the upcoming 2016 Nebraska football season. I asked you to tell me whether you were enthused incredibly enthused or not at all.

To my surprise 76% of you are somewhat enthused or incredibly enthused. Only 9% of you were really cynical. Granted, the sample size is low at only 593 votes (I'd rather it were closer to 10,000) but it gives an indication of where husker fans are at this point in the year.

In the interest of full disclosure, I voted "meh" - I'm not as cynical as some of you but I'm certainly less enthused than the majority.

Why is that?

Perhaps it's just my contrarian nature or maybe I have taken up permanent residence in the "Get Off My Lawn" crowd where everything old is better than everything new, even though the medicine sucked by today's standards and the Russians were going to annihilate us in nuclear war at any moment.

Perhaps it's that I'm still not sold on Mike Riley as being the right head coach for Husker football, although that's a different poll question. The jury is still out, Riley still needs to have winning seasons and he needs to win Nebraska a championship before he can truly be called successful.

I mentioned 360s in a recent article about bogeymen. 360s are a method of personal evaluation - one method of conducting the 360 is to have the "target" (the person who is the target of the 360) take a survey regarding what the target perceives as their strengths and weaknesses. Other people around the target, typically co-workers, take the same survey, although anonymously. The target then looks at the surveys together, with the idea that the gap between how they see themselves and how others see them allows them to become more self-aware.

That was my purpose in doing the survey, although I admit a very simplistic approach. What it's told me is that I should be more enthused for this coming football season instead of relying on my own cynical nature.

I hope that it has the same effect on you. It's much more fun anticipating a common shared event with people who are excited than it is with those who dread it's coming.

Is this a resurrection of #teamsunshine? (We should come up with a t-shirt design for this.)

Let's just say that despite my reservations, my position on Riley is optimistically hopeful. I will try to maintain that attitude until our first loss, at which point I will pick up my torch and pitchfork with the rest of you, gathering numbers as we march towards Lincoln where we will insist to be heard by University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds - I will be sure to have a list of our demands ready just in case - and then we will burn something or someone, rub its ashes on our bodies then return to our homes with the anticipation we will repeat it all the following week.

Steven M. Sipple: Hard to gauge progress in Husker rushing game | Column |

Nobody asked me, but I believe for a team to excel in the ground game, there's a certain mindset that must permeate the being of essentially everyone involved. Benning, an assistant at Omaha North High School, indicated such a mindset can be developed with repetition.

It's a slow news cycle right now.

School Records Fall in Huskers' 26-4 Win - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Nebraska softball team handed head coach Rhonda Revelle a milestone victory in record fashion Sunday, as the Huskers clinched a series victory with a 26-4 five-inning win over Maryland.

Revelle got her 900th victory and Nebraska SMASHED Maryland.

Huskers Improve to 5-1 in Big Ten with 9-7 Win - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Lincoln – After dropping the series opener on Friday night, the Nebraska baseball team (19-8, 5-1 Big Ten) responded with victories in the final two games of its series with the Illinois Fighting Illini (11-14, 3-3 Big Ten), including a 9-7 win on Sunday in front of a packed house on an 80 degree day at Hawks Field. The Huskers won their second straight conference series and improved to 5-1 on the year in league play.

This was a really nice series win, especially since it could have been somewhat disastrous. Pitching really needs to get their poop together - if they do, this might be a very very good team come tourney time.

Huskers Honored at Postseason Banquet - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

NCAA Finalist TJ Dudley (184) took home a pair of awards at the Nebraska wrestling banquet on Friday, April 1.

Four Big Ten football teams in Joe Schad’s Preseason Top 25 " Big Ten Network

The latest set of rankings comes from ESPN"s Joe Schad, who has four Big Ten teams listed in his Preseason Top 25 for 2016.

No, Nebraska is not one of them.

UPDATED: Tony Brown Facing Indefinite NCAA Suspension - Roll 'Bama Roll

Damn you, offseason

TCU unveils statues of Gary Patterson, Davey O'Brien, Dutch Meyer -

TCU unveiled three new statues on Saturday of current coach Gary Patterson, former QB Davey O'Brien and former coach Dutch Meyer.

What's the requirement for getting a statue?

Mythbusters Is Coming Back to TV—But Without Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman

Science Channel has just confirmed that the show is living on... but with new hosts, found through a reality TV competition.

Through a reality TV competition. Maybe the new hosts are those that will be best at not blowing themselves up?

Then There's This: