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Big Ten Baseball Weekend

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Ryan Schnurr

Look at these standings. Going back, Michigan was picked as the preseason favorite, followed by Maryland, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and then Michigan State.

Michigan remains the only Big Ten team ranked in the NCBWA at #15. Minnesota remains in the "Others Receiving Votes" category, despite winning their series against the Wolverines in Ann Arbor. has Minnesota ranked at #19.

D1Baseball's Field of 64 teams to make the NCAA this week includes Minnesota, Michigan, and Maryland.

This Week's Schedule:

  • Michigan State vs Michigan (2 at Ann Arbor)
  • Minnesota at Illinois
  • Nebraska at Rutgers
  • Ohio State at Purdue
  • Northwestern at Indiana
  • Maryland at Penn State
  • Kansas State at Iowa

HUUUUUGE series in Michigan this weekend. HUGE!

A must-win series for Nebraska at Rutgers. They want to pick up that road RPI boost, and they don't want to be in the same position they've been in lately - having to make a run through the Big Ten tournament to make the NCAA.

If trying to make it through the Big Ten tourney is how another Nebraska season ends, it's time for Darin Erstad to move on, favorite son or not.

This Week's RPIs: (Boyd Nation)

#26 Michigan

#33 Minnesota

#58 Maryland

#73 Rutgers

#76 Michigan State

#80 Nebraska

#86 Illinois

#92 Ohio State

#95 Iowa

#98 Penn State

#120 Indiana

#252 Northwestern

#263 Purdue

This is why you see the 'M' schools listed in D1Baseball's NCAA tourney teams.

Does Purdue give a shit about anything but basketball? Good lord how their baseball program has fallen into the cellar. And Northwestern... I mean, come on, you guys you're dragging down the entire rest of the conference with you.

Minnesota is #7 nationally in team batting average at .322. That's why Minnesota is at the top of the conference right now. Michigan is at #26, Michigan State at #35.

Moving to team ERA and the Spartans are second nationally at 2.37!!! Indiana is #11, Ohio State at #20, Penn State at #38, and Michigan at #47.

Nebraska is 139th at 4.48. Creighton is sixth nationally. Thought I'd throw that in there just in case you're not already irritated enough.


Pro Big Red! NU's Offensive All-NFL Draft Team - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Since Thursday is 2016 NFL Draft Day, it's time to share a history lesson that will allow every Husker fan worldwide to earn an A+ on a day that will be dominated by first-round picks, salary cap discussions and instant multi-millionaires.

Interesting bits put together by Randy York. Unfortunately all it did was remind me that we're not winning a whole lot lately... lately being over a decade. (sigh)

Nevada's Brian Polian sees satellite-camp ban reversal as win for fringe Power 5 programs | FOX Sports

Schools are able to mine talent at events held by their big brothers.

The NCAA changed its mind on satellite camps, which is good for almost everybody -

The controversial recruiting camps are back already.

By focusing on Harbaugh, SEC's camp ban effort misfired

Analysis: The SEC's resources could have much been better spent on something other than satellite camps.

Bret Bielema preparing to work satellite camps with Big Ten teams if...

"When I first got here, I was amazed at the restrictions the SEC puts on ourselves. Not being able to go camps, not being able to go to clinics, not being able to have your staff be present at in-state clinics that are your home base,"

I have the feeling BERT and I would look at this with the same goals in mind; how we can get other people to pay for trips for us to eat interesting food. Maryland's crab cakes and Old Bay Seasoning, for example. I haven't had that in years..... (sigh)

Bell Eager to Prove Himself on the Field

Last year, a mid-August hamstring injury turned what appeared to be a promising rookie campaign into four months on the sideline for Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Kenny Bell, but it was hardly a "lost season." The Buccaneers' coaching staff made a point of keeping Bell involved in the team's day-to-day activity, even taking him on every road trip despite his injured-reserve status.

Here's to hoping Kenny Bell makes a lot of money in the NFL because Bell is fun and spirited and wonderful; all the things you want from a former Husker.

Kansas Baseball vs Nebraska Baseball: The View from Section 127 - Rock Chalk Talk

The Jayhawks fell to Nebraska, but what was it like at the game? Inquisitive minds surely want to know.

I am not entirely sure what this guy expected.... maybe he's never been to a well-attended college baseball game before?

Remember the Tech hecklers?

Cheerleader 'do's and don'ts' list sparks outrage at University of Washington |

What color is "girl about town" lipstick?

We're offended by everything. If you're offended by this, I would think you'd be offended by the entire concept of cheerleaders in the first place, and if that's offensive to you, I don't think we can be friends anymore.

UPDATE: Netflix to traumatize whole new generation with Watership Down · Newswire · The A.V. Club

Netflix and the BBC are teaming up to ensure that no generation of children goes without the character-building experience of waking up screaming at the thought of being messily devoured by rabbits, or drowned in pastoral fields of blood.


Star Wars: Battlefront – a beautifully rendered, shallow and disappointing game that just isn’t ready for prime time | SEENIT

EA should be considering refunding those who’ve bought the season pass or first DLC pack, rolling its content out to all players and speeding up the release of the expected offline single player content.

I really want to enjoy this game, and it's not bad, but I don't think I'll be buying a DLC. There are just too many things wrong with it. It is too predictable and repetitive. They could have randomized the power ups. They could have introduced a little more customization.

We really should go out and pound on EA to provide DLCs for free until this is corrected or boycott the online portion of this piece of shit until it dies.


This was fun and surprising. I don't really feel sorry for a guy having his accounts hacked because that's how I'm conditioned (I have to deal with this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME) and if they really wanted to damage him, they would have waited and just drained his accounts after he got all his money.

It will be very interesting to see all the fall out from this.

Laremy Tunsil admits to taking money from Ole Miss coaches

"I made a mistake," Tunsil said in a press conference. "That happened." Pressed if that meant he had taken money from a coach, Tunsil said, ‘I’d have to say yeah.’