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NCAA Overturns Satellite Camp Ban

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The NCAA's Division I Board of Governors rescinded the previous decision by the NCAA's Council to ban satellite camps following the outcry from coaches and schools.  UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero was the key vote to ban the camps, even though 11 Pac-12 schools supported satellite camps.

Says the NCAA:

"The Board of Directors is interested in a holistic review of the football recruiting environment, and camps are a piece of that puzzle," said Board of Directors chair Harris Pastides, president of the University of South Carolina. "We share the Council’s interest in improving the camp environment, and we support the Council’s efforts to create a model that emphasizes the scholastic environment as an appropriate place for recruiting future student-athletes."

The change is effective immediately, and Nebraska's coaching staff can now resurrect their plans to hit approximately six satellite camps this summer.  Meanwhile, the Council is being instructed to look at the situation closer for modifications to rules to alleviate concerns about excesses.  (Waves at Jim Harbaugh.)


Nebraska Head Coach Mike Riley has released a statement in support of the NCAA Board of Governors:

Expect to hear about Nebraska's summer camp plans in the coming weeks. Pack your sleeping bags, everyone!