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Corn Flakes: Nebraska as NFL Draft Bust U, Tim Beck Gets Trashed

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Which college football program is the NFL Draft's real Bust U? -

Let's look at every first-rounder from 1990 onward to see whose top players pan out least and most frequently.

I'm not sure you can make that big an argument against the methodology. And I'm not sure I'm really supposed to care; pro sports of any kind aren't big on my list of things I give a shit about on any given day, even the NFL. You could argue that maybe this hurts recruiting, but I seriously doubt it. Having red for a chosen color probably hurts our recruiting more than something like this.


NCAA creates anti-discrimination process for championship bids -

The NCAA has created an anti-discrimination process for championship bids, including cities that want to host the Final Four, the association announced Wednesday.

This is PR. That's all it is. It's something for the NCAA to say that they have a "process" in place and that's about it.

After Title IX complaint, former Husker track athlete sues UNL for retaliation | 911 News |

A former member of the Husker track team is suing the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for $40,000 in damages, alleging the athletics department retaliated against her in the wake of a domestic violence investigation.

There seems to be a lot of this going on; former players suing their universities for any reason whatsoever. It's not place to say whether or not this lawsuit has any merit, but maybe someone could look into the number of lawsuits being filed against universities and determine maybe that the Title IX process needs some changes?

Or just pay out to lawyers. The common narrative is that craptons of money are flowing into athletics, and that narrative always attracts lawyers. (This is where you place a DEAL WITH IT meme.)

Anonymous scout says Eli Apple isn't a first round pick because he 'can't cook.' Seriously - Land-Grant Holy Land

Not this garbage again.

Really, it's about "life skills".

In evaluating Cardale Jones, don't forget Ohio State assistant Tim Beck wasn't ready to coach quarterbacks last year |

If you consider this banging the Beck drum too hard, after keeping that beat going much of last season, this is in direct response to any criticism Jones is facing right now in a final draft runup.

It is an interesting take on the Cardale Jones, situation, but the result of this article will be that Tim Beck will never answer another question honestly. He will resort to coach speak whenever he bothers speaking to media.

I liked Tim Beck as an offensive coordinator. I didn't like his need to often times call repeated pass plays, but as I've stated on CN many times, tell me what fans of any football team like their offensive coordinator?

CN will remain the only site on this planet to every obtain an honest and open interview with Tim Beck.