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The Big Red Cobcast: Faux Pelini Interview 2

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We talked to Faux Pelini AGAIN!

There are few things that make America great. The Liberty Bell is one. The Grand Canyon is pretty Awesome. The 2nd Amendment is fantastic. I'd even go as far as saying the American people are pretty wonderful.

Well, most of them.

Some people are better at life than most others, such as, say, Eminem or Matt Damon or Warren Moon. Sometimes, however, a person comes along that towers above the rest. In ancient Egypt, they thought they were Gods, at other times throughout history (Like maybe in Catholic times? Is that a thing?) they thought that they could talk to the Gods, like some sort of lightning rod to the heavens.

Now, they wield more power than any one man (or woman) should be able to hold. They are stronger than presidents and kings. They are stronger than Natural Disasters or magic. They are parody accounts on twitter.

That's what Faux Pelini is... or should I say isn't. Faux is not real. He's a make-em-up, but in spite of his lack of, "real" - Faux does speak for the masses. He speaks for us when he yells at the Weather Channel. He channels our words when he berates the media. He's what Bo Pelini would have said if he didn't have handlers. (I'm assuming Bo Pelini has handlers or he would have probably dropped that C-Bomb a lot more often.)

We talked with Faux about life post Nebraska - aka Youngstown State, Coach Riley, The recruiting #Movement and whatever stuff came into our little brains.

Faux is a funny dude, so you should listen to us talk to him.

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