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Big Ten Baseball Weekend!

What's happening with Big Ten Baseball this weekend... Prince is dead and Faux Pelini writes about satellite camps.

Musician Prince 42nd NAACP Image Awards - Show
Damn, dude. 57?
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awards

Two teams are ranked! Michigan moves to #21 in the NCBWA after sweeping Nebraska last week, while Michigan State moved into the ranking at #30. Minnesota remains in the "Others Receiving Votes" category while Nebraska dropped out.

Biggest thing to happen last week? Purdue won against Michigan State, snapping a 16-game losing streak.

This Week's Schedule:

  • Indiana at Michigan State
  • Michigan at Iowa
  • Minnesota at Northwestern
  • Ohio State at Illinois
  • Purdue at Maryland
  • Penn State at Rutgers
  • Nicholls State at Nebraska

This Week's RPIs From Boyd Nation:

#20 Minnesota

#28 Michigan

#32 Maryland

#54 Michigan State

#60 Rutgers

#80 Nebraska

#87 Penn State

#91 Ohio State

#92 Iowa

#99 Illinois

#145 Indiana

#246 Northwestern

#253 Purdue

So... what we have here is #20 Minnesota playing at #246 Northwestern this weekend. No matter the outcome, Minnesota's RPI will be dropping.

Just in case you're wondering, Nebraska opponent Nicholls State is 16-22 and #217, so Nebraska really needs to win all three games this weekend.

D1Baseball has three Big Ten teams in the NCAA tourney; Michigan, Michigan State and Minnesota. Not Nebraska. That's obviously not set in stone, but if Nebraska expects to make the postseason (THE BIG TEN BASEBALL TOURNAMENT DOES NOT COUNT AS POSTSEASON.), they'd better get their shit together.

Prince Is Gone

I never was a huge Prince fan, but that doesn't mean I don't recognize what an exceptional talent he was. Minneapolis had an all night party at First Avenue/7th Street Entry - where I guess Prince filmed the movie "Purple Rain". I've been to First Avenue a crapload of times, even watched my son perform there and it is an iconic place.

The Minneapolis music scene in the 80s had an influence on me moving to Minnesota. Not as much Prince as it was the 'Mats (Replacements) and Husker Du (I don't know how to make umlauts in this editor, sorry), and Soul Asylum. Then there were the Wallets who were never known beyond a local presence (at least not that I know of), Babes in Toyland, and later on, Boiled in Lead.

Husker Du main man Bob Mould:

57 years old and gone. Damn. That sucks.

Chase your dreams, you sunsabitches. The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.

Thousands Gather To Celebrate Prince At First Avenue " WCCO | CBS Minnesota

Thousands lined 7th Street outside of First Avenue, where the block was barricaded to accommodate the massive crowd.

Free all-night dance party to honor Prince going down at First Avenue | City Pages

Prince died suddenly early Thursday, and First Avenue plans to honor the otherworldly, Minnesota-born talent with a free all-night dance party starting...

TONIGHT: Downtown block party; First Avenue all-night dance party, purple bridges -

Mourning the loss, celebrating the life.


The NCAA's satellite camps controversy, explained as simply as it possibly can be -

Here's everything to know about this thing.

Excellent job by Faux Pelini.

Connor Cook gets the anonymous scout/coach treatment - The Only Colors

"There’s something off. There’s something about him that you just don’t trust him." - Anonymous person who probably wants Connor Cook to fall to their team.

Sorenson: Off The Top Of My Head, April 21 |

We are one month away from the end of the 2016 regular season. As things sit right now, I’m pretty sure the West has never been weaker. A quick look at the RPI — which is never very West Coast-centric to begin with — you’ll find one team in the top 25.

St. Mary's Mi'Cole Cayton looking for new home after Connie Yori resignation at Nebraska

"I'm going to be real -- I cried," said Cayton, who turns 18 on July 31. "Tears came out because I know I would have benefited in a huge way had I been coached by [Yori]."


I had no idea what the fuck this is, but he has 6M hits on this video. Wow.