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Corn Flakes: Satellite Camps Still In Flux

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The issue of satellite camps hasn't gone to bed yet. Fervor over whom voted they way they did has brought it back into the news!

UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero
Looks like an idiot.
Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

The satellite camp issue has raised its head again after Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott threw UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero under a bus by stating that Guerrero "Did not vote the way he was supposed to vote."

Scott's finger pointing has caused everyone to run in circles and point their fingers at others, hoping that any blame for a cruddy, ill-thought out decision will be deflected in the meantime.

It's time for that finger pointing to be leveled at the Group of Five representatives who voted the way they did now that Guerrero has given his explanation that he voted the way he did because it wouldn't have changed the outcome. At least Guerrero gave an explanation; Sun Belt representative and Texas State athletic director Larry Ties has given none as to why he voted against his conferences best interests. Perhaps this is because Ties is an twit or the Sun Belt didn't bother preparing him for the issue. Either one sounds like a reasonable explanation right now.

It looks like the whole issue will be revisited soon and probably rescinded at the end of this month when the NCAA Board of Governors meets on April 28th.

Head coaches in basically every conference have problems with the NCAA's camps ban -

Even a couple of the Power 5 conferences that voted for the ban have plenty of dissenting opinions.

Did Dan Guerrero Go Rogue On Vote To Ban Satellite Camps? - Bruins Nation

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott says that Dan Guerrero voted the wrong way. And, that's a huge deal.

The great satellite camp debate appears to be far from over | FOX Sports

In the latest twist in the controversial NCAA satellite camp debate, one power conference commissioner said Wednesday that his league mistakenly voted against them. Another vehemently defended a ban and called for an end to the "name-calling and finger-pointing."

Satellite camp ban: UCLA AD Dan Guerrero explains his vote

He wrote that when it became apparent the ban would pass no matter how the Pac-12 voted, he threw his support behind the proposal that most resembled one already on the Pac-12 books.

Andy Staples is one of the better national college football writers. Here he does a darned good job of explaining Guerrero's position without making Guerrero seem like a complete idiot, something that's really hard to do on twitter due to that character limit.

To tackle or not to tackle: College football's question

One newcomer to the system is Nebraska, which first considered installing the approach last offseason before tabling the idea until the spring; the coaching staff, led by Mike Riley, felt uncomfortable relying solely on Carroll’s how-to video.

In 1994, the 10th-best Nebraska team of the Tom Osborne era finally won him a ring - Football Study Hall

All of these teams were, according to Est. S&P+, better than the 1994 team that finally won a national title for Osborne in Lincoln.

Huskers listed in latest NFL mock draft

In this mock draft, Maliek Collins will hear his name called at the No. 100 overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles. Collins is the first Nebraska player slotted to hear his name called in the draft, and it would come in the fourth round.

Alex Lewis is drafted here as well. I hope he is.

The NCAA Isn’t Going Broke, No Matter How Much You Hear It | FiveThirtyEight

Once or twice a year, as predictably as the launch of college football season or March Madness, we’re treated to the "everyone’s broke" meme in college sports. …

A nice history lessen and a fair number of good links, but... has anyone bought into the "We're broke" stuff?

Patience will be required in order for Lovie's Illinois rebuild to work - The Champaign Room

Rome wasn't built in one day, Illini fans; be patient with your new head football coach.

Her Majesty seeks Royal tweeter, salary $70K

Britain's Royal Family is looking for a social media editor, or so-called head of digital engagement, who will find "new ways to maintain The Queen's presence in the public eye and on the world stage."

I could do this.

My tweets would be:

1st Week: The Queen is not dead!

2nd Week: She's still not dead!

3rd Week: She went for a walk.

4th Week: She's really still right now. No, wait, she took a breath. She's STILL NOT DEAD!

Curtis newspaper building burns down in the middle of the night

"We had issues in the basement that were all the way back to the 1890s," said Willis. "Everything was destroyed which is really sad."

My hometown lost their newspaper building in a fire this week. The entire history of that town was in the basement of that building. Shit.

Hannah Huston

This young woman keeps winning. You read the interview we did with her before she started getting famous, right?