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Big Red Cobcast: Spring Game HOT CAKES!!!

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mmm Hot Cakes... er, I mean, Hot Takes! Whatever.

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

The Spring Game, 70,000+ people at a practice. That's the 5th largest Spring Game audience of all time. It trumped the 1937 spring game by nearly 70,000+ people. So, that's cool.

I like to think of the spring game as football's ground hog day. Mike Riley came out, saw his shadow and now there are 4 more months until football. It's a major bummer. The hardest part about the spring game for me is that I never know what any of it means. It's like "Who's Line Is It Anyways". Everything is made up and the points don't matter. Which running back did better? I don't know - were any of them playing against the number ones? One of them was, you say... Probably that one then.

Is the O-Line great or is the D-Line bad? How about them receivers though and Ryker Fyfe and that guy I never heard of that picked off POB to win the game!!!

I don't know, man. It was fun to watch but it means nothing. Also, stop texting me with "The Huskers won!!!" I get it we played ourselves. I think we should make more jokes about the Huskers "playing with themselves". That seems funnier to me.

"70,000+ Huskers fans jammed into memorial stadium Saturday to watch their beloved Cornhuskers play with themselves. Mike Riley even became part of the action and cheered them on. The Big 10 network cut away before getting an unheard of Dback's money shot with the help of a true freshman."

See, these jokes write themselves.

Also, speaking of B1G 10 Network, I would have liked to see POB's debut. GET IT TOGETHER B1G Network!!! You're embarrassing yourself.

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