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Corn Flakes: What Are We Gonna Do Now?

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It's been 20 years since Brook Berringer was killed, but his memory lives on.

Jan Berringer and a legacy of Brook's life
David McGee

What are we gonna do now?

Taking off his turban, they said, is this man a Jew?

'Cause they're working for the clampdown

They put up a poster saying we earn more than you!

When we're working for the clampdown

We will teach our twisted speech

To the young believers

We will train our blue-eyed men

To be young believers

It's a long way until fall!!!!

So what are we gonna do now?

We have a baseball team that looks like they're coming apart, and a few months of offseason content to come up with before Big Ten Media Days in late July and the start of fall camp. We promise we'll give you a reason to come back, even if we have to make up lies or not talk specifically about football to do it.

That's what we're gonna do now. What are all y'all gonna do until the season starts?

20 Years

It's been 20 years today since the plane crash that took Brook Berringer's life. I still remember the day pretty well. I was at a wake for a woman who was a mother to me, Jackie Crawford. Some guy I didn't know walked in and told us that he'd heard on the radio that Berringer was killed in a plane crash. He had a weird grin (which I later realized was a grimace) when he said it.

I said, "If that's a joke, it's not a very funny one".

I wanted to punch him in the face. He must have sensed as much and kept insisting that it wasn't a joke and that if I didn't believe him I could go out and listen to the radio for a confirmation, so that's what I did. Good job by him to defuse and avoid violence, especially on a day that was tough enough already.

Berringer's death, obviously, was a shock to everyone. He was gone as we were all waiting to see where he would go in the NFL Draft; a Nebraska quarterback being drafted being a rare thing.

At least good has come of it. His memory is still alive in the hearts and minds of Husker fans everywhere, and good things continue in his name.

Keeping with a theme.... What are you gonna do now to leave a legacy?

Jan Berringer Thanks Team and State for Honoring Brook - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Jan acknowledges certain windows of time when honoring anniversaries made her want to relive what she once had, including a husband whose funeral was 35 years ago Sunday, one day earlier than the 20th anniversary of Brook's death. "Brook was 7 when his dad died," Jan said. "I think about both of them every day. It’s really helpful to be here today in a place that meant so much to Brook. I have overwhelming feelings right now just standing on the sidelines and remembering what happened 20 years ago."


You can see for yourself why you need to lower your expectations on Patrick O'Brien, if you ever had any in the first place. I'm not saying the guy's going to bust, I'm saying give him time.

B1G Spring Games

Maryland, Purdue, Ohio State, and Penn State all had their spring games this past weekend.

Blue And White Game Recap: Blue Beats White, 37-0 - Black Shoe Diaries
Penn State put its brand new offense on display in the Blue and White game, and there's a lot to be liked about the new-look offense.

Here's what happens in a day of spring practice with DJ Durkin's Maryland football team - Testudo Times
A day in the life of Maryland's head coach.

Ohio State draws record 100,000 to spring game
We're second (so far) behind Ohio State.


Michigan State's Tom Izzo Isn't a Fan of Intra-Conference Transfers - The Only Colors

More than 700 college basketball players transferred last year, up from around 200 a decade ago.

So, it's not just Nebraska. More players are transferring all over the place. Remember that, please.

B1G 2016: Introduction to Our Weekly Previews & Analysis - Off Tackle Empire
We talkin' gameday, we talkin' your team, we talkin' rivalries...

Illinois Needs To Stop Trying To Make A Mascot Happen - Off Tackle Empire
Hey, administration, want to divide and enrage campus and the fans? Force a focus-grouped mascot down our throats.

USC's blind long snapper got a standing ovation during the Trojans' spring game -
This is awesome.

Huskers Win 11-Inning Thriller at Northwestern - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The Nebraska softball team completed a three-game sweep of the Northwestern Wildcats with a thrilling 11-9 extra-inning victory on Sunday afternoon at Sharon J. Drysdale Field.

Husker Heroes Treasure Standing on Sacred Ground - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska football has won five national championships and Husker volleyball has won four national titles after beating Texas four months ago in Omaha's CenturyLink that drew more spectators than the 2016 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship game. What we have here are two signature programs that have earned the right to call both respective fan bases THE nation’s best in the history of NCAA men’s and women’s athletics.

Stryker: Senior linemen leave underclassmen to carry the banner for Big Red
Seniors are rapidly disappearing in the trenches for the Big Red. This was not completely unforseseen – it was obvious that most of Nebraska’s talented linemen would be freshmen and sophomores this year – but the speed and extent of the transformation has been surprising. Apparently the fire is not burning in the bellies of the senior linemen like it is for the youngsters. The biggest news of spring drills Saturday came after the Red-White Game, when Mike Riley announced that Greg McMullen, Kevin Williams and Paul Thurston will not return to the Huskers this fall.

How 'Calabraska' is making an impact on 2017 recruiting
College football coaches are attuned to Calabasas High's talent, none more than Nebraska.

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