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The 2016 edition of spring practice at Nebraska is in the books. In the Mike Riley era heads into its second season, Riley and his staff continued to establish their culture and philosophy on the Nebraska Football program. In the annual Red/White Spring Game, the offense (red) was pitted against the defense (white). The Red squad, behind senior quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr., led for much of the game. The White team hung in there, however, and stayed withing striking distance until the end. Freshman quarterback Patrick O'Brien, in his first appearance before a Memorial Stadium crowd, showed the nerves any normal human being would show their first time in front of a crowd of 70,000 or more people. As the game wound to its completion, the Red squad led by just a handful of points. In a show of dramatic sportsmanship, the coaches called pass after pass, letting AJ Bush and O'Brien's arms decide the outcome. Neither fared well and on the final play of the game, a walk-on DB nobody had ever heard of, Kyle Kasun, intercepted O'Brien to snatch the victory for the defense. Kasun was mobbed by his teammates as they celebrated the dramatic 46-41 win.

The Red/White Game completed the 15 practices schedule for the Huskers. Fall practice leading up to the 2017 season will begin in August leading up to the season opener vs. Fresno State at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, September 3.