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Nebraska Bowling: Huskers Lose NCAA Championship To Stephen F. Austin In 7 Games

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A fourth trip to the final match does not give fruition to the Huskers as the Ladyjacks avenge last year.

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It does seem like a really odd cliche, but sometimes you can't get experience unless you fail at the highest levels.

For the Nebraska Bowling team this weekend at the NCAA Championships in New Jersey this weekend, they got to the highest level but learned a lesson to a team that simply just outpinned them when it mattered.

The Huskers qualified third seed for match play this week, and went through the bracket with fervor, snapping off Central Missouri & North Carolina A&T yesterday. The dispatching of McKendree this morning put them in the show, while the Ladyjacks of SFA equaled the fate of the Huskers, going undefeated in three matches after qualifying to make the TV show.

Last season's team had two All-American candidates in Liz Kuhlkin and Andrea Ruiz to just destroy the 4 and 5 hole against teams. This year, with no Ruiz & Liz, Nebraska still had firepower in Gazmine Mason and Julia Bond, however the inexperience 1 through 3 really was the difference when it came to match play.

SFA has the

You can't really do anything about losing the way that Nebraska did in Game 3, as SFA put up 265 on the board to Nebraska's 248. However, the games you lose when you can't strike are the killers, and Nebraska had three of those, especially the last game. Three strikes in Game 7 won't cut it.

But, there's not a bad thing to say about this performance this year. Fourth straight TV show, winning 2 titles and 2 runner-up's is not shabby at all. Plus, the Huskers will have firepower returning.

Mason and Bond will return, as well as everyone else save Melanie Crawford & Beth Hedley. Four NCAA finals teaches you how to win and how to persevere when you don't.

However, tonight, the better & more desperate team won tonight, and that's fine. It just gives you a target for next year. Tip your hat, get better, and there's next year.