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Nebraska Football: What I Saw At the Spring Game!

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Some quick #HOT TAKES from Nebraska's Spring Game!!!!

Jon Johnston

Here's a quick shot on what I saw at Nebraska's 2016 Red White Spring Game!

Attendance - 72,992

Nebraska didn't get a sell out, and it wasn't quite Ohio State's record setting 100,189 but nearly 73,000 Husker fans showed up to watch a glorified practice. So much for the idea that fans had tuned out after a 6-7 football season.

The Running Backs

Mikale Wilbon, Terrell Newby and Devine Ozibo... honestly, they all looked about the same to me, but I'm not accustomed to watching football from a press box where there is no DVR so that I can go back and forth on each play.

Husker Mike believes that Wilbon is a cut above the rest.

I have a question for you. Would you rather have three running backs that are relatively equal in capability, or one that was outstanding?


Tommy Armstrong looked like the same quarterback we've come to know over the past few years. His passing accuracy is okay but not great - he overthrew a couple of long balls and threw behind receivers on occasion - but his running skills are far above par.

I'd say Ryker Fyfe looked like the most improved player on the field. He looked more comfortable, he seemed more conscious of taking care of the ball, and he was pretty accurate. He showed some escapability, and some running skills on a couple plays.

AJ Bush is a nice runner. He's plenty shifty, but he has issues with accuracy in the passing game.

When Patrick O'Brien walked onto the field for the first time he received quite a cheer from the crowd. His first pass was overthrown, and his last pass on the last play of the game was intercepted, which resulted in the White team winning 46-41. He showed some "flashes of brilliance", but he is raw and you can easily see Nebraska having Fyfe as a backup this season with O'Brien taking a redshirt.

Offensive Line

Michael Decker at center. Previous to this I wouldn't have been able to tell you about Decker's existence, but Paul Thurston has apparently decided he's done playing football at Nebraska, and Dylan Utter was out.

Defensive Line

What defensive line?


Unless.... unless, the reason that McMullen has quit football and Williams is transferring is because the younger guys are monsters of the gridiron and the two that are leaving were convinced that they wouldn't be getting any playing time.

That's what I'm going with. You should too.

Oh Yeah

Derrion Grimm is very quick.