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Nebraska Football: This Weekend's Visitors For The Red/White Spring Game

The list is not only a reward for what the Huskers staff has done, but a preview of what could be this coming Fall.

Rahyme Johnson
Rahyme Johnson
Student Sports

In an odd way, this weekend should be the fruition of reward for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as it comes to recruiting and such. I mean, there's been a big time workload for the last 8-9 months alone in this 2017 class to get kids to come to Lincoln for one of the shining stars in the Red/White Spring game.

One would think that, seeing the listing of the visitors and the sheer amount of not only players but star power, that the Huskers are aiming high with no net. However, this weekend is the continuing payoff for a lot of calls, DM's and such for the staff.

Of course, there's no Darnay Holmes at this time coming to Lincoln. But, it's made up by a lot of guys who can not only help out Nebraska almost immediately. If that's what you're wanting, there's a lot of headway that can be made with some commitments.

Without any more delay, here's who we have coming to Lincoln this weekend on unofficial visits. As I always worn, this list is fluid and can change in both additional and subtractive ways.

Committed to Nebraska:

2017 Uncommitted:

Rahyme Johnson, LB from Los Angeles

Ben Miles, Fullback from Baton Rouge, LA (the son of LSU HC Les Miles)

Tyjon Lindsay, WR from Corona, California

Jamire Calvin, WR from Los Angeles

Jeremiah Hawkins, Athlete from Buena Park, California

Maurice Bell, WR from Murietta, California

Nick Pickett, Athlete from Los Angeles

Dalton Keene, TE/Ath from Littleton, Colorado

Jake Ferguson, TE from Madison, Wisconsin (Wisconsin commit)

Phil Hoskins, DT from Highland CC

Deontre Thomas, DT from Mustang, Oklahoma

James Lynch, Defensive Tackle from Round Rock, Texas

Kade Remsberg, Running Back, Newton, Kansas

Brenden Jaimes, Offensive Tackle from Austin, Texas

2018 uncommitted:

Will Farniok, Center, Washington, South Dakota

Kolin Demens, Linebacker from Franklin, Michigan

Brendan Radley-Hines, Cornerback from Calabasas, California



Okay, that's 22 visitors scheduled for the weekend. TWENTY TWO UNOFFICIAL VISITS for the Nebraska Red/White Spring game!

There are some placeholder visits of course, but there are a few guys who should pull the trigger and commit. Who would that be?

Johnson: He's really flirted hard with Nebraska and hasn't been the most faithful to UCLA. I do think that Trent Bray has done well here, but at the same time, Rahyme really likes what Lincoln has to offer to him.

Calvin: Jamire also digs Keith Williams, and should pull the trigger, if not this weekend, soon enough.

Thomas: Deontre sounds like he is looking for an offer, and if that comes he may take it ASAP.

Hoskins: Word on the street is that one of the AC's coming with Hoskins is Kyler Reed. Yes, that former Nebraska TE Kyler Reed.


Whatever happens this weekend, we'll have the goods and be here when news breaks for you.