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2016 Nebraska Football Spring Game: For What Will We Cheer?

This is our ninth annual poll of asking Husker fans what they're most interested in seeing at the Nebraska spring game.

Nebraska newcomer quarterback Patrick O'Brien
Maybe you're going just to see Patrick O'Brien?
David McGee

This is the ninth annual edition of the "For What Will We Cheer" poll, as we try to discover what Husker fans are most interested in at the Red White spring game this weekend.

Nine years of doing this same article. I think it's about the only consistent thing throughout CornNation. FYI - we will celebrate our 10th birthday some time in August.

CN has obviously grown over the years. In 2008 we received 71 total votes on our poll. By 2010, the vote total had risen to 499, and last year it was 934 votes. I would hope that it's higher this season but I wonder if last year's losing season have tampered enthusiasm - even though Husker fans have already stated that isn't the case.

Last year was Mike Riley's first spring game as head coach; despite that the vote for Quarterbacks Quarterbacks Quarterbacks - Great Play By Quarterbacks was the runaway leader with 43% of you (398 votes) picking that option. It won over Mike Riley as our new head coach (maybe people weren't that enthused about him being our coach?) and Defense Keeps Running Backs From Any Runs Over 10 Yards

What's to be made of 2016?

What you're looking for is completely dependent regarding what you think will bring the most successful 2016 season - offense or defense. I have a hunch we're not going to be good at both.

Last year's defense couldn't rush the quarterback, and early on couldn't defend the deep pass. Then there was the lack of a truly excellent running back and Tommy Armstrong's decision making cost us dearly at crucial times; perhaps fans are going to see the debut of Patrick O'Brien.

Please vote in our poll and pass it around on social media! We'd like to get as many as possible!


2014: Husker fans voted for the Newbies: Adam Taylor, Johnny Stanton, Tanner Farmer, Chongo Kondolo, Terrell Newby and Marcus Newby.

In 2013, Husker fans voted for "A linebacker closing on and wrapping up an I-back on a sweep", by quite a large margin. The vote no doubt reflected the frustration of watching Nebraska get destroyed by Wisconsin in the previous season's Big Ten Championship game.

In 2012 Husker fans voted for "Husker wide receivers not dropping any passes, including a nasty block from Quincy Enunwa and signs of progress from Jamal Turner " - the description was specific but adequate given the frustration of dropped passes the previous season.

In 2011, Husker fans wanted to see "Taylor Martinez back to playmaking speed", remembering the Martinez who exploded early in the 2010 season, becoming a Heisman prospect in process. That vote was very close as offensive line blocking was right behind Martinez in popularity.

In 2010, Husker fans were hungry for a quarterback - ANY quarterback - after having gone through the 2009 season with a championship-level defense and one of the most anemic offenses in the nation. The vote was won by "A big play by a quarterback" by a large margin.

In 2009, fans were still worried about the defense. The defense had made a significant jump during Bo Pelini's first season but Husker fans wanted more. "The defense - a big defensive play - a big hit or turnover" won by a small margin over Ndamukong Suh.

It wasn't hard to guess in 2008. Husker fans were just pleased that Bo Pelini was our new head coach.