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Big Red Cobcast: SE-Cheaters

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This week Ryan is on one and probably should keep his mouth shut but... He... Just... Can't.

Man, This week pisses me off.

As a human being, I hate being lied to, and even more so, talked down to. It drives me bananas, bonkers if you will. I have 2 degrees. Granted, they're from a state college but still I at least have a basic elementary level understanding of the world around me. I may not be great at grammar or have Pat's vocabulary, but I do see through almost all bullshit. As a matter of fact, seeing through bullshit would be my superhero power if I was in a comic book. I would be "Shut-the-hell-up-with-that-shit Man" and I would walk from place to place saying "Dude, shut the hell up with that shit. We know you're a lying asshole."

So this week, I am turning my powers toward the SEC and NCAA, and honestly, most other conferences. And also, a tad towards Nebraska.

Don't tell me you care about kids when you won't allow satellite camps. Period. You're lying. You're a stupid liar. You're Liar McLiarson from Liarville, who drives a Ford Liar on Liar Highway to the next town over called Liarton.

Period. That's what you are. Listen to the podcast and I'll explain why.

Now, also, don't tell me that the main reason you want satellite camps is to help kids. That's also a whopper and most people who are saying that are lying to themselves, to my face, to your face and to everyone else's face.

I want satellite camps because it helps take the edge away from the SEC and Texas and California and gives us an opportunity to snatch dope ass kids away from Saban and Stoops and whoever else wants them all for themselves. I want W's. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy helping kids or seeing kids get helped, but I really like winning, too.

But guess what... It also helps kids... so, as fans, we are on the correct side. Accidentally. The NCAA doesn't want to help kids. they are on the wrong side. On purpose.  If you don't want to help kids, then you hate kids. See my logic there? THE NCAA HATES KIDS.

Know who else hated kids? Hitler.

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