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Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Phil Beckner Leaves for Boise State

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Beckner will leave the Cornhusker State before his taxes are due.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Nebraska men's basketball assistant coach Phil Beckner has left the program to take an assistant coaching position at Boise State University in Idaho. Beckner had been with the Husker program since August of 2015.

Beckner said to the Journal Star that there wasn't any negativity with him leaving with such a short amount of time here. He stated that he thought the opportunity was "the right time and the right fit."

At first, one might think that even with those words that there might have been some uneasiness with his situation at Nebraska. The Huskers are coming off another season of sub par play and the heat is most likely getting to the coaching staff. Boise State's success in football hasn't exactly transitioned over to the basketball court though they have had some success over the last few years. Head Coach Leon Rice's teams won the Mountain West Conference regular season in 2015 and made the NCAA Tournament in 2013 and 2015.

You can also add the fact that Phil had worked with Boise State associate head coach Jeff Linder when they were both at Weber State. The opportunity to work with a friend he knows and enjoys could have been too good to pass up.

From the Journal Star:

Hopefully Miles can pull in another assistant before the post season gets to far into summer. The 2016-17 season is most likely going to be a critical one in Miles tenure as it will be his 5th season coach. One that might make or break his time at Nebraska.