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SDR: Nebraska QB Verbal Tristan Gebbia Predicts 3 More Commitments By May

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Who would the ones that verbal be? We have a decent idea.

David McGee

It's time to ramp up some recruiting speculation for the Nebraska Cornhuskers Red/White Spring Game next Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

The Quarterback of the class, Tristan Gebbia, made a benchmark statement on Sunday about the 4 person Nebraska recruiting class:

So, who pray tell could Gebbia be talking about? I'll give you some names of guys we'll be covering more as the Spring game and Big Red Weekends come around.

Don't be fooled with Bando being at IMG Academy, as he's from Lincoln Southeast. Word on the street is that he is digging the Nebraska offer he got from Mike Cavanaugh on Thursday. It's an option for a kid that, even though he's not ranked, has been getting the visual help from IMG.

Expect to see Bando be N very soon.

Now, since I was pretty high on Bando, I'm not as high on Lindsey, but he is definitely coming on Saturday, and wants the fanbase to get hyped.

It's a long shot for sure that Lindsey comes to Lincoln, but coming out on your own dime to see what's up is a big deal.

There is definitely some smoke to this fire, as one of the most recent Crystal Ball predictions for Johnson to flip to Nebraska from UCLA is one of Mike Schaefer, who runs the Nebraska.247Sports site. Johnson plans (at this time) to head to Lincoln for the Spring game along with a couple other players. While listed as Athlete, sounds like Johnson is leaning with Trent Bray here.

Really looking forward to Schaefer's VIP room tomorrow morning. It's paid information, so you'll have to find it out yourself.

Pickett isn't the flashiest guy you'll find, but at the same time, if this is what a reach is in the 2017 class when it's all said and done, I'm perfectly fine with it.

Since Keith Williams is the lead here, assuming that Nebraska wants him as WR.

Holmes will be pulling the trigger and committing here two weeks from yesterday on June 23rd. Nebraska's chances are as good as Stanford and (possibly) Ohio State, as that's probably going to be the last school Holmes visits before he pulls the trigger. Don't discount the fact of Gebbia and Keyshawn Jr. helping out the Huskers here.

If you're noticing a theme with Nebraska tearing up California for Offensive skill positions, you're in luck! Calvin is scheduled for the Red/White game as well, as it wouldn't shock me if the Huskers get his verbal Saturday or sometime before he leaves.


So, who do I pick to click if I'm Gebbia? Here's my list:




Who would you pick? Or is Gebbia off his rocker?