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Big Ten Baseball Weekend

More baseball....

Nebraska Cheerleader I don't know.

I was so happy yesterday as I looked at Weatherbug on my phone, then looked at the 10-day forecast to see that it will be in the 70s this weekend and 80s early next week. It occurred to me that maybe it was time to get my crappy old boat out of winter storage. As I exited the building at my customer site, I thought "It doesn't feel like 71. Maybe it's because I'm in the shade."

I get home, and mention to Mrs. CN how cold it feels despite the warm temperature. She wonders what the hell I'm talking about. I mention the 80s early next week. She thinks I'm a loonie (well it's that look your wife gives you, you know the one).

It is at this point I realize that I have left my Weatherbug location set on Dallas, Texas and not Minnesota. Suddenly, I am sad.


Conference play has started and therefore there are actual conference standings! WOoohooO!!!

Michigan State remains unranked at 18-3 (when the poll was done), while Michigan remains the Big Ten's only ranked team (NCBWA). Sparty and our beloved Huskers are in the "Others Receiving Votes" category.

There is a fair amount of goodness in RPI for the conference:

  • #17 Michigan
  • #23 Minnesota
  • #27 Nebraska
  • #29 Michigan State
  • #57 Maryland

and then it starts to slide....

  • #77 Rutgers
  • #106 Illinois
  • #122 Penn State
  • #156 Iowa
  • #159 Ohio State
  • #206 Indiana
  • #252 Purdue
  • #262 Northwestern

And this is the problem with the RPI. It will start to drop as the season proceeds because the Big Ten is rated low and the teams around them are typically rated low so there is almost nothing these conference teams can do to keep their RPI higher.

Your upcoming weekend schedule looks like this:

  • Purdue at Penn State
  • Illinois at Nebraska
  • Indiana at Rutgers
  • Iowa at Minnesota
  • Michigan at Northwestern
  • Michigan State vs Oregon
  • Maryland vs High Point
  • Ohio State vs Bethune Cookman

Of national note:

  • Minnesota is #6 nationally in team batting at .333. Michigan State is #14 at .321.
  • Michigan State is #8 in ERA at 2.31, Indiana is #11 (2.40), and Michigan is #14 (2.56).
  • Ohio State is #12 in home runs (29), Nebraska is #16 (28).

Let's just go on to news...

UT's Augie Garrido to be inducted into College Baseball Hall of Fame - Houston Chronicle

That son of a bitch!

Sorenson: Off The Top Of My Head, March 31 |

Yes Big Red, you are my upset pick for this week’s Eight for Omaha. Now don’t go getting on a cold streak.

Sorenson picks Nebraska to make it to the CWS. WHAT A HOMER!

Quarterbacks Progressing as Spring Practice Rolls On - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

“We were a little sloppy on Tuesday, but probably to be expected after 12 days, but I think we have really good energy and a lot of enthusiasm for the work, so I’m excited to see us continue to grow,” Langsdorf said. “I think we are continuing to build on what we started with before spring break and I just like the way we continue to evolve daily.”

This friggin' Langsdorf could run for public office, couldn't he?

Red Report: Husker run game evaluation set to ramp up | Football |

Nebraska's emphasis on improving its run game will be put to the test as the Huskers head into the latter stages of spring drills and more hitting is involved....

Michigan State's Denzel Valentine Named AP Player of the Year - The Only Colors

Beats Buddy Hield by three votes.

2016 Purdue Football: Is There ANY Hope? - Hammer and Rails

Because even Purdue fans can get delusional as the season approaches.

Ohio State to participate in satellite camp in Georgia, per report - Land-Grant Holy Land

Urban Meyer and staff will be heading to SEC-country this offseason.

Good. Make them bastards pucker even more.

Jim Harbaugh swipes at 'another dumb rule' NCAA might adopt -

The NCAA will vote in April to determine whether it should adopt a rule putting a ban on coaches working satellite camps outside a 50-mile radius from their respective school.

Go ahead and pass a rule like that, and it will result in Jim Harbaugh opening a branch campus of the University of Michigan in an office in Brandenton, FL next year. All he needs is office space, and maybe offer a course, right?

DraftKings, FanDuel to suspend college sports games -

Daily fantasy sports sites DraftKings and Fanduel will no longer offer games for college sports like football and basketball.

But what about their commercials?

Jim Boeheim's logic: Rules were broken, but Syracuse never cheated -

Academic fraud, multiple failed drug tests that didn't prevent Syracuse players from losing eligibility, money exchanging hands from a local acquaintance to SU players. Not intentional acts. Not -- technically -- "cheating."

MLB 2016 Season Preview

Your team is important. They get their own preview!

Former student files Title IX lawsuit against Baylor, Art Briles -

She alleges a pattern of Baylor creating an unsafe environment for its students.

I hope Art Briles has to pay her a shitload of money. Couldn't stand the guy before, now this gets added.

Revisiting the 2001 college football season, in which Miami was every bit as good as you thought - Football Study Hall

Revisiting the 2001 college football season, which would have been a 2007-level mess if not for a dominant Miami team.

Here's what was wrong with police calling Tennessee's coach about this rape allegation -

Bowles has said that he helped a distraught woman who accused two Tennessee football players of raping her. He's said Jones then telephoned to call him a traitor to the team. The released phone logs, which only show the length of a call and caller ID information, align with that general timeline.