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Sorry it took me a little while guys but I'm not very good at life sometimes.

Plus the Huskers lost 2 games to 1 so I wasn't very motivated. There are some cool pictures though. So look through them and show your friends that weird face a pitcher makes when he's throwing balls and what not. Maybe you can take one of them and make your profile picture or tweet one of them at Darin Erstad and ask him "hey bro, why do you look so angry?" That would be a hilarious tweet!

Or maybe tweet one of the pictures at Bernie Sanders and say "Hey Bernie what does Trump have in common with Long Beach State? They are both Dirt Bags!" That's definitely less than 140 characters!

These tweets practically write themselves!

Oh my! Maybe you could create a giant montage of the pictures in photoshop, print it out and use them as wrapping paper! Or... better yet, you could pick your favorite player, write a love letter on his picture (that you've already printed) and send it to him! Just like a genuine stalker! Yay!

Cool? Enjoy the pictures.

Also, I make a podcast please

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