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Big Red Cobcast: Baseball

Pat and Ryan discuss spring ball, baseball and the end of football. It's basically the trifecta of balls.

Baseball is no longer America's pastime.

Some find that sad but most don't care. I, for one, am indifferent. I don't get the intrigue of the game, never have and probably never will. I've seen two baseball games live, The Cubbies vs The Astros in 2006 at Wrigley Field and this past weekend I saw the Huskers play the Dirt Bags in Long Beach.

I can usually get into anything Huskers. I'm sure I could get into Huskers bowling if I was watching it live. Possibly for the silliness of it but I could do it none the less. When the Long Beach State beat nebraska 1-0 in the bottom of the 13th inning - I felt nothing. Not a thing.

Why? Because I was bored senseless. Pat kept saying to me, "It's a thinking man's game". I get that. I like jeopardy, probably because I can play along. Also, to add to that, I don't see people lining up to watch chess either. So I doubt that's what it is. It's slow and I wasn't drunk. That's why I think it wasn't fun for me.

i don't mean any disrespect to the Huskers baseball team either. Im sure they would hate to come watch me nerd out over Long Form Improvisation. Everybody has their thing. I also like batting cages, so there's that.

I do have some ideas to make baseball more interesting:

1) When a runner gets to a base, he must fight the defender for access. If the first base man taps out runner gets the base. If the runner gets knocked silly, he's ooooouuuttttaaaa here.

2) Coaches can challenge umpires to a nut kicking contest for a rule challenge. First one to flinch when getting kicked in the nuts loses.

3) They should allow crying in baseball.

4) All players have to dress like professional wrestlers, have special moves, get their own arch nemesis from the other team and can cheat if the umps don't see it. Basically combine baseball and professional wrestling.

5) Change the rules until it's exactly like football.

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