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Nebraska Football: Notes From Spring Practice #1

Football came back to North Stadium on Saturday.

David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers kicked off their first practice for the 2016 Spring Football session on Saturday morning in & around the Hawks Championship Facility.

One thing I had heard is that, indeed, QB Zack Darlington made the move to WR, in more a slot type of position. While I would take the fact that he "looked natural there" with a big grain of rock salt, it will be interesting to see how he can get on the field there when it was certain he wasn't getting on the field at QB.

Another piece to realize is that with Darlington's concussion history, this could be a risky move. Then again, any position on a Football field is prone to them, so maybe it's not as big as we all think.

Per a couple of reports, Darlington has pushed for this for a while. With the transfer of Tanner Lee to Nebraska, maybe now it made sense to pull this off.

With the way that Banker had Safeties rolling down into the box, plus the youth at Cornerback, this doesn't seem on paper to seem to be the worst situation right now.

For those hoping and praying that POB takes over for Tommy Armstrong right out of the gate, you're gonna be disappointed.

It will be interesting to see if Grim can get some movement up the depth chart being early into camp.

However, one has to think that the old guard will have something to say on that and J.D. Spielman.

On the surface, it does seem that new DL coach John Parrella is hitting the ground running both in coaching and recruiting.

The Huskers will be back on the practice fields for workout #2 on Tuesday evening.