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Corn Flakes: Nebraska's New License Plate Not Really Nebraska's After All

The OWH has discovered that there's something wrong with Nebraska's new license plate. We recommend a replacement design.

Nebraska NSFW License Plate

Plategate: Whose Sower is it? Local artists say Nebraska’s license design more closely resembles a relief sculpture at Michigan State - Nebraska

Though not identical, both Nebraska and Michigan have sowers created by the same sculptor. Nebraska’s bronze Sower is atop the State Capitol in Lincoln; Michigan’s is a bas-relief sculpture on a bell tower on the Michigan State campus in East Lansing.


We interrupt life as usual because the OWH has discovered that the image on Nebraska's license plate really isn't Nebraska's at all, but Michigan's, just like the colors on the license plate. Good job, OWH.

This should be cause to recall the design before it goes into production, and replace that design with something UNIQUELY Nebraskan.

My recommendation? Andy Janovich. Not only is he a hunkier and more appropriately proportioned than the sower, but he is uniquely Nebraskan.

Physicists get surprising results from electron-molecule collisions | UNL Today | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

An experiment led by UNL's Timothy Gay and Joan Dreiling has signaled the need for a more complete model of electron-molecule scattering.

This is just a complex way of saying we need to run the ball more often.

Saying Goodbye to the Nebraska Cornhuskers Seniors - BT Powerhouse

Here's to Shavon Shields and Benny Parker; may all your professional hoops dreams come true.

NU Travels to Maryland for Three-Game Series - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Huskers are making their first trip to Maryland and are facing the Terrapins for the first time as conference foes. Nebraska enters the series with a 20-11 overall record, and the Huskers sit in a tie for eighth place in the league standings with a 1-2 record in conference play. Maryland, which has lost eight straight, is 7-23 overalland the Terrapins are tied for 11th in the Big Ten standings with an 0-3 record in conference play.

In other words, we should crush them as long as we don't spend time looking at the scenery.

B1G Baseball Weekly Update (3/24 - 3/29) - Off Tackle Empire

Conference play started last weekend so let's see how things are shaping up at this point in the season.

All NFL players should be making at least $1 million per year | ProFootballTalk

[Editor's note: Agent Neil Schwartz recently approached me with an idea to make veteran players more attractive to teams and, more importantly, to ensure that all NFL players make a very comfortable living. The end result is a column on which Schwartz and I collaborated. Any typos are his fault.

Spurred on by the $15 minimum wage movement no doubt.

Wisconsin football: Badgers return to spring practice; Alex Hornibrook struggles - Bucky's 5th Quarter

After a week off due to spring break, the Wisconsin Badgers stepped back onto the field to continue their spring practice sessions on Tuesday morning.

Ohio State's had ridiculous success at defensive end, and the future could be even brighter - Land-Grant Holy Land

Big-time defensive end Xavier Thomas visited Columbus Tuesday. Do the Bucks have a shot?

Tony Granato officially named new Wisconsin men's hockey head coach - Bucky's 5th Quarter

Hard to imagine a better hire than this one.

We have baseball. Wisconsin has hockey. Would you trade?


Iowa senior Tony McClaery's once easy A is now a real pain the ass.

Have to admit, this was very well done.

2016 NFL mock draft: SB Nation bloggers make their picks -

With the Ole Miss left tackle, need absolutely fits value for the Titans in the first pick of the SB Nation NFL writers mock draft.


In an Unfortunate Final Four Matchup, No Lessons Learned - The New York Times

The organization must be cringing because while a Tar Heels-Orange national semifinal features two classic programs in a classic matchup, it also guarantees that an unwanted guest — academic fraud — will be front and center on its biggest stage.

North Carolina-Syracuse is a nightmare Final Four matchup for the NCAA -

The Final Four meeting between Syracuse and North Carolina is the last one the NCAA wants to see.

Gopher Hoop's Suspended Players Expected to be Back Next Season - The Daily Gopher

an announcement that really shouldn't be a surprise, Kevin Dorsey, Dupree McBrayer and Nate Mason are all expected to be back next season following their season-ending suspension for a rogue tweet that involved a sexual video was posted.

Pitino extension pushes U regents to seek authority on big contracts -

"Are you serious?" he remembered asking. "You could literally have the athletic director and the president’s chief of staff commit to $100 million — and yet the regents have no oversight over those decisions."

You could LITERALLY have that happen, especially if Minnesota keeps hiring stupid-ass athletic directors. What you should be asking is - who would hire an athletic director that would commit to $100M? And if they did, whose fault would it be, the idiot athletic director, or the people who hired them?

It will be interesting to see what happens at Minnesota.

Chicago State, preparing for layoffs, tells employees to turn in keys - Chicago Tribune

In a dramatic sign of how Illinois' budget crisis is affecting higher education, Chicago State University officials are telling all employees and students to turn in their keys.

They should probably just shut down permanently. This sounds horrible if you are a student; going into massive debt for a college education the world tells you you're required to have while the powers of the world are fucking with your life because they want to score points with their constituencies.

Then There's This:

This is a friend of mine's older brother who is battling cancer and could use your help. Consider it, please.