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Corn Flakes: No Defense In Football And No Big Man In Basketball

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Why 2015 was the highest-scoring season in college football history -

The national scoring average increased to a record 29.65 points per team in 2015, according to official numbers compiled by the NCAA for CBS Sports. This is the fifth time since 2000 the scoring record has been set, and it shatters the previous record of 29.5 points set in 2012.

(BTW, he has an explanation as to why he's using the word "shattered" when the average only went up .15 points per team so go read the article.)

Not sure if Dodd purposefully left out the fact that rules changes have made defense more difficult or if he doesn't see them as important as the other items he's listed. The targeting rule has certainly have had to have some influence on how the game has changed from flat-out toughness to more finesse.

Has it had the same level of influence as the spread offenses that have scattered across the landscape? I'd say yes, although you could argue the influence of 7 on 7 play and more practice time for quarterbacks.

It doesn't help records like this that teams like Baylor play teams like Lamar and we all act like it's a worthwhile match up that should be considered anything more than exhibition football. I wonder how much that average would have changed with the Bears removed from the equation....

This won't change any time soon. There is little incentive to change the rules back to bring back a more physical game. Fans love scoring (woohoo!!!) and athletic departments like putting butts in the stadium seats, so next year when we compare a defense to a defense of yore, remember that we're using a measuring stick that has a little asterisk next to it.

Ivy's move latest in trend toward less tackling in football | College Football

Even before Ivy League coaches voted to eliminate full-contact practices from the regular season, teams all across college have been following the NFL's lead by cutting back on the amount and intensity of hitting done while preparing players for game day.

John Gagliardi at Minnesota St. Johns was one of the best college football coaches in history, and he prohibited tackling in practices throughout his career. Given that example, I'm not sold on the idea that not tackling during practice makes your defense any weaker.

Jason Peter would definitely disagree with that, but the game is changing and will continue to change as worry about concussions continue.

Steven M. Sipple: Tommy owned the room, but can he own starting job? | Column |

I can think of several reasons that might keep Nebraska from being the best offense in the Big Ten. Sixteen of them, to be precise. No conversation about Armstrong, or the Husker offense, can transpire without mention of his 16 interceptions last season.

At this point, he's about all we have, so he damned well better own the position.

Mike Riley's Position-by-Position Spring Preview | Hail Varsity

Starting guard Dylan Utter is going to work at the position where he started his career along with junior Zach Hannon and redshirt freshman Michael Decker. Riley did say that Utter could move back to guard if that’s how the position battle progressed.

TL;DR - the offensive line will be in flux. We really need David Knevel to show up at tackle, and we really need someone who can do a good job at center. IT WOULD BE GOOD IF TANNER FARMER COULD BE BOTHERED TO SHOW UP THIS SEASON.

Was that loud enough, Mr. Farmer?

Huskers Visit #20 Dirtbag - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
After competing at the Tony Gwynn Classic last weekend in San Diego, the Nebraska baseball team (2-4, 0-0 Big Ten) will be in California for the second straight weekend, this time playing a three-game series against No. 20 Long Beach State (5-3, 0-0 Big West).

Huskers Head to Iowa City for Big Ten Championships - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The Nebraska wrestling team journeys to Iowa City, Iowa for the Big Ten Championships on Saturday and Sunday.

Huskers Host Wichita State at Bowlin Stadium - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The 23rd-ranked Nebraska softball team hosts its first home games this weekend, when NU welcomes Wichita State to Bowlin Stadium for a three-game series.

Study: How the Big Ten lost recruiting wars against the Power 5 conferences -
The Big Ten's struggles with declining populations in the Midwest have been well known and discussed for years. But new statistics show just how bad it got for the Big Ten. Between 2007 and 2014, the Big Ten fared the worst against other Power Five conferences in recruiting battles when one of the two leagues won a player.

New revelations in Manning-Naughright saga | The MMQB with Peter King

"There must be more to what’s going on that we’re not aware of. There’s obviously something else there. But it sounds like something that’s difficult to get at."

He said, she said, more of the same.

College basketball's Championship Week is America's only perfect sports tradition -

The madness before the madness is upon us, which means it's time for a full rundown of what and who to be on the watch for over the course of the next two weeks.

College basketball conference tournaments are coming up quickly. I know we're not all big roundball fans in Nebraska, but this is one of the best sportsy times of the year - screw all that professional sports crap.

Barring a miracle run it looks like another heavily disappointing season for Nebrasketball (women too). I'm not sure what to think of Tim Miles. I don't have any idea why Nebraska cannot recruit one large guy who can play basketball. You'd think that one of them would recognize that they would walk on the floor, start immediately, and if they were worth a shit, probably become one of the most favorite players in Nebraska basketball history.

Maybe that last line doesn't mean much to anyone. Did I answer my own question?

One Photographer’s Mission to Build an Ark | PROOF

The species we share the Earth with are not only amazing, but very beneficial to humans. Indeed, they hold the key to our very survival. We need pollinating insects to produce fruit and vegetables. We need healthy forests to regulate our climate. So when we save other species, we’re actually saving ourselves.

Joel Sartore's Nebraska - Under A Big Red Sky was on the first books I ever reviewed here at Corn Nation. It is a gorgeous book, and Sartore's photography is wonderful.