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Nebraska Football: Dates & Times To Catch Nebraska's Spring Game On Big Ten Network

Just because the Spring scrimmage won't be put live on Big Ten Network's TV channel doesn't mean you won't have the opportunity to see it on your TV at all.

David McGee

Last week we told you that it was apparent that the Big Ten Network wasn't going to televise the Nebraska Cornhuskers Red/White Spring Football game on April 16th.

A combination of going at the same time as the Ohio State Buckeyes as well as 4 other schools mean that the Huskers lost out on the live bid unless a start time was going to change, and that wasn't in the plans.

That didn't mean that folks weren't going to get #madonline about it.

However, for those wondering, the Big Ten Network did reach out to CN and give us a comprehensive list of relevant times that BTN will replay the Nebraska Spring game. Just because Nebraska won't be live does not mean that the game will be kept off of the TV waves, as some folks that are #madonline seem to believe.

Obviously, if you want to catch the game live at 1pm CDT on April 16th, you'll have to hit up BTN2Go, whether that's on your computer or mobile device. BTN does have the initial playback scheduled for 4pm CDT later that Saturday, so if you either went to the game or want to wait till later, you have that option as well.

For those that want to watch it later on BTN on your television, here are other times for replay:

Sunday, 4/17 – 4am Central

Monday, 4/18 – 1:30pm Central

Tuesday, 4/19 – 2am Central

Tuesday, 4/19 – 5am Central

Tuesday, 4/19 – 9am Central

Tuesday, 4/19 – 9pm Central

Thursday, 4/21 – 9am Central

Friday, 4/22 - 1am Central

You'll also be able to visit the BTN2Go site and watch the game that way as well, basically anytime after the game is over (they usually appear after midnight the next day) . I read in the comments of the original piece that NET Nebraska would have a replay, but their site is not showing confirmation of this at all.