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Big Red Cobcast: Trending Up

This week Patrick and Ryan talk about the trajectory of the Huskers.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Can one kid save the Nebraska Cornhuskers? Hell to the no.

Let me repeat that.

Can one kid save the Nebraska Cornhuskers? Hell to the no.

Now, with that being said I also think that getting Keyshawn Jr is one of the most reassuring things that has happened to the Huskers in years, possibly since Suh made Bo Pelini look like a better coach than he actually was. Getting such a high level talent that also has name recognition is huge for a team that hasn't looked cool since Tommie Frazier dismantled the Florida Gators in the Fiesta Bowl.

Let me put that into perspective. The last time The Huskers were viewed as cool was 1995, Jimmy Carter was president and Natalie Wood was still alive. Think about that for a second.

Mike Riley is making moves.Obviously it doesn't mean anything until there are W's on my schedule/poster that I got at Kwik Shop, but I have hope. If Keyshawn can buy in, then I can buy in, and you should buy in, too. You should always do what I say. I'm good at saying things that are correct.

2018 National Champs and 2020 3-Peat. 2025 they name the playoff after us.

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