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Corn Flakes: Big Ten Baseball Begins Conference Play

Made it back to Minnesota early Thursday morning on one of the worst flights I've ever been on. The initial Boeing S80 made it about five minutes into the flight before the captain announced that he was declaring an in-flight emergency and turning around. He stated that the smoke coming (apparently) out of the cabin was probably just water vapor. As we waited later in the airport, a couple people sitting up front said they could see the smoke drifting further back through the plane and it smelled like burned electronics.

Then we wait for a plane. And a crew. Then we wait for the thunderstorms and lightning to pass. (The AA staffers at the gate never mention the tornado warning issued for that area.) People got along pretty well, several of us tried to help the parents that were dealing with small children that were obviously exhausted and cranky, and one small group of passengers started a pool on the time at which we'd finally be called to board. Some guy won, oh, probably $120.

We finally board and get treated to a bumpy ride out of DFW, a bumpy ride through more thunderstorms (I assume) along the way, and run into more in Minnesota.

None of those were what made it a horrible flight. They certainly made it tiring, but what made it horrible was the vibration. I sat in seat 31A, right next to the left engine. I'd never really paid attention to where I'd sat on a plane much before, and I've certainly sat next to engines. This time the vibration had a different feel to it. Maybe it's because I've started to pay way more attention to my body - what food and drink do to it - and because of that I'm more in tune. I still haven't found the cause of the way too frequent headaches I get; I want to blame food, but I have found no real reason to do so.

Sitting next to the engine... it made my heart feel weird. It didn't hurt. It just felt weird. It felt as if the frequency of vibrations from the engine were affecting my heart beat. I said nothing to anyone because I didn't want to be taken off the flight, and after all that time waiting I sure as hell didn't want another plane to have to turn around on my behalf. I didn't take my pulse (I really suck at that) and I didn't look at my Fitbit HR because I didn't want to know.

I will be paying more attention to where I sit on a plane from now on.

Most of Big Ten baseball begins conference play this weekend as this week's games look like this:

  • Maryland at Iowa
  • Nebraska at Purdue
  • Penn State at Illinois
  • Northwestern at Ohio State
  • Rutgers at Michigan State
  • Michigan State lost a series at USF last weekend. Won the first 11-1, then lost the last two, 2-0, and 7-5.
  • Michigan lost their series to Oklahoma State last weekend, but did get a Sunday win. This weekend they get a breather against UI-Chicago at home.
  • Minnesota vs Missouri State
  • Indiana vs Indiana State
  • Wisconsin does not have a baseball team

Here's your Big Ten baseball standings:

We have been marveling about how many home runs Nebraska has hit already this season; they are currently tired for 16th nationally in home runs. (You wouldn't know that from glancing at the Big Ten web site; maybe the people that run that could actually update their statistics on a regular basis, okay?).

Here's what the official notes have to say about the subject:


Nebraska’s home run totals are up in a big way this year, as they have hit 23 in 20 games after totaling 22 in 57 games last season.

Eight different players have hit a home run this season, including a team-high six from Scott Schreiber, five from Jake Placzek and four from Ben Miller. Entering Friday, Placzek has homered in each of the last three games. Miller and Tanner Lubach tied for the team lead last season with four each.

Nebraska already has eight multi-homer games this season after notching two all of last year.

The Huskers did change equipment prior to this season, as the team is swinging adidas bats this year after using Rawlings bats each of the last four years.

Want another national statistic? (Of course you do.) In ERA, nationally, the Big Ten has this going on in ERA:

#2 Michigan State 2.15

#8 Michigan 2.33

#9 Indiana 2.35

If you're thinking those teams haven't played anybody, Sparty is #18 in ISR (Boyd Nation), Michigan is #41, and Indiana is #150.


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