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Big Red Cobcast: Tierra Williams

The Bid Red Cobcast dudes spoke to All American Triple Jump superstar, Tierra Williams

My favorite part of this podcast, besides hanging out with funny Husker jokesters every week, is getting to talk to some of the country's best athletes, coaches and media personalities. I particularly like hearing the inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles to succeed when it seems like everything is stacked against you.

Enter Tierra Williams.

First off, she was the warmest interviewee we've had. You could hear her smile as we spoke. Living in Los Angeles,  I'm not used to that, and it was a pleasant change of pace. I appreciated the kind voice.

Tierra's story is not all peaches and cream and rainbows. She faced Hurricane Katrina and was displaced in Auburn, Nebraska and was forced to quickly adjust to the new life. Her story is brave and also one of someone who chose not to give up. She is now ranked #5 in the country in the Triple Jump.

Listen to her story on the podcast (above).

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