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Big Red Cobcast: Get Off My Boy Tim Miles.

Lay off Tim Miles. Now. If you don't, you're gonna have Ryan and Pat all up in your face. You mark ass buster.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Admittedly, I don't know Basketball that well. I've never tried to hide it. However, I knew it less 5 years ago. I've spent the last half decade trying to learn the game better because I think we will win a bunch of games in the future. Why? TIM MILES IS THE MAN (listen to our interview with him HERE).

We were to Basketball what Kansas is to Football. Now we are to Basketball what Missouri is to football. That's a huge upgrade. Some years we make the playoff, some years we lose half our games. Don't only think about where we are but also, where we were. Plus to quote Tommie Frazier, "It's not about where we were, it's about where we're going, fat boy".  We know how the scenario ended for Warren Sapp.

I like the guy, he gets the fans into it, he makes me believe in the team. Players would kill you for him. He knows the x's and O's. Is that what you call it in basketball? Like I said I'm still learning. Pat told me he's the best coach we've ever had and Pat is smart at basketball. Like super smart at it.

I like winning at things. We all do. Tim Miles is a future hall-of-famer. Pat told me that he guarantees a playoff victory next year. Ummmm, do you need more convincing than that. When you Tim Miles haters are wrong, and you will be, I'm gonna talk so much shit. Tim Miles is the greatest thing to happen to Nebrasketball since basketball hoops. Coachy poo pants (that's what I call him) is our loveable, nerdy, basketbally Tommie Frazier. Just wait.  Take my (Pat's) word for it and don't be on the wrong side of history, fat boy.

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