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Nebraska Basketball: Huskers Toast Wisconsin 70-58, Advance in Big Ten Tournament

Another big night from Shavon Shields and Defense gives Nebrasketball extended play in Indy.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska upsets Wisconsin in the second round 70-58. Nebraska is doing what we wanted them to do - survive and advance. Nebraska dominated this game from start to finish. There was never really any doubt as Nebraska looked like the more confident team. Led by their penetrating defense, Nebraska came out on top.

Nebraska may have actually benefited from playing Rutgers on Wednesday. It gave them a nice win, and made them confident going into the Wisconsin game. I'll say this; teams do not want to play Nebraska right now. The Huskers are hot and could make a very deep run into the Big Ten Tournament.

The Good

Shavon Shields was a leader tonight. It was clear he did not want this to be his last game. Shields led the way with 20 points in this game. Shields also had 9 rebounds and 2 assists. Benny Parker, the other senior leader, had a great game too. He played incredible defense and had 12 points of his own. These seniors are incredible leaders!

Andrew White III was in foul trouble early, but still had 10 points in this game. Nebraska also rebounded really well in this game. Nebraska out rebounded Wisconsin 35-27. This is a huge win for Nebraska. And if you're like me, you've wanted a rivalry with Wisconsin. This can definitely start one! That's for sure!

The Bad

There really was not a bad thing in this game. Nebraska wasn't supposed to make it this far in the Big Ten Tournament. And look at this, they're in the Quarterfinals! Nebraska just needs to continue to take it one game at a time. They can celebrate but they can't get to high on themselves. A tough Maryland team is next for Nebraska.

What Is Next?

As stated before, Nebraska will play the #3 seed Maryland in the Quarterfinals. This will be a rematch from the close overtime loss to Maryland in Lincoln earlier this season. Nebraska has some serious confidence going into this game. Nebraska also has played two games on this court. That may not seem like a big deal, but it could make a small difference. As for the crowd, everyone that is not a Maryland fan will be cheering for Nebraska. It could feel like a Nebraska home game! That's the beauty of being the underdog. Think about the NCAA Tournament, when the 15 seed upsets the 2 seed. Everyone becomes a fan of that team. This could be the same situation here. Just keep playing good defense and Nebraska could continue to shock the world.

Tip-off for the Maryland game will be approximately 8:00 PM on Friday Night.