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Nebraska Recruiting: Who's Visiting For Big Red Weekend #1?

There was a verbal on Thursday, but where are the next ones coming? #SOON

We've been kind of MIA when it comes to Nebraska Cornhuskers recruiting the last month or so. And with a fair reason.

If you're the type that gets hyped up with offers, we could have made you a happy fellow. Because Nebraska has got a whole lot of offers out right and left.

Literally, Nebraska has 200 offers out right now. That is a lot, especially this early in the process. And, it seems from twitter action, that most kids with a twitter love to send out the love when they get it, whether it's by themselves or asked for by the NU coach/staffer contacting them.

If you're wondering how that compares to last year, Nebraska's final number (according to 247sports, who is what we go with) has a total of 280 offers. For the season. So the Huskers are nearly 70% there by St. Patrick's Day this year.

I'm kind of the guy that is meh on offers; it's a nice thing to see so many kids getting evaluated for sure. However, 90% of these kids won't visit nor commit, so I have to have a little more substance on my plate before I get excited.

However, this weekend starts the Spring/Summer Big Red Weekend tilts, and most folks (myself included) are fairly sure that there are going to be some verbals to fire off the '17 cycle. While the commitment of Willie Hampton isn't being overlooked, a lot of people are aiming at this weekend for some sure fire action.

So, without further hold up, this is who Nebraska has coming this weekend for Unofficial Visits. Of course, this list is not perfect, and can change either way (coming or going) between then and the end of the weekend.

If Keyshawn doesn't pull the trigger and commit this weekend, then I don't know when that will happen. He's made a Bleacher Report type of video for this, and it's not his first, or third, or fifth visit to Lincoln.

McQuitty has been wooed big time by Keith Williams, and Nebraska was his first offer. Sounds like if he doesn't visit, it's due to not being able to get up to Lincoln. There is a mutual interest here, and Nebraska's early offer may be the big thing here.

Kallenberger came to visit Nebraska on Thanksgiving weekend, where 2 of his 3 faves were playing in Nebraska and Iowa. He does dig Nebraska, and would be ideal for Nebraska's OL rotation.

The DFW product will be taking in Nebraska and Iowa State's weekend gigs on the same weekend, so it's up to Mike Cavanaugh to impress Ali, who has 11 total offers but no big standout yet.

Coming with Keyshawn, once again, is one of the top targets for the Huskers this cycle. Holmes is fairly open on where he can play, but Williams is the lead recruiter on this one. Yes, the Huskers are behind on the Crystal Ball. However, like Keyshawn and most of the Calabasas crew, you don't visit this many times without being real interested.

It sounds like Rivas wanted to come to get that Nebraska offer, as he doesn't currently hold one. However, places like Kansas, K-State and Virginia Tech have offered Josh.

Colbert's verbal to Iowa caught a few people off-guard, including Nebraska. I'm unsure if Colbert is still visiting, however if he does, Nebraska should be in play still. If you remember the drama from Noah Fant last year, Iowa doesn't dig kids visiting other schools after they commit. If Colbert isn't too serious about Iowa, the fact he visits Lincoln may be a sign.

Dominguez will be the first in-person chance for new Nebraska DT coach John Parrella to make an impression. It sounds like Angel is a big fan of people like Ndomakong Suh and such, so it's a prime chance to get a verbal.

Word on the street is coming that these 2 Cali guys from the same High School will be visiting as well. If they do/don't, we'll have it for you.


Other tidbits:

- If Nebraska doesn't get Calabasas QB Tristan Gebbia, then something went very wrong at the end. Gebbia was on campus on Monday with his parents. Hence, you may have seen some staffers tweets about it.

This was Gebbia's third visit to Lincoln, and it sounds like he wants his commitment to start winding down here very soon. Nebraska should be in the lead here, and it should be the Huskers getting the verbal.

- Expect Nebraska signee Lamar Jackson coming to the Spring Game this weekend as well.


We'll be here all weekend and then some, getting back on track with #CROOTIN. If it drops, we'll have it.