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Nebrasketball: Big Ten Tournament - Wisconsin Game Thread

Big Red made it to the second round. Time to take on the Badgers.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


Game Time: 8:00pm CST


Streaming: WatchESPNHusker Sports Network

Radio: KLIN

Previous Meeting: 2/10/16 Wisconsin 72 Nebraska 61

Woohoo, we beat Rutgers! If you want a recap, see Jon's post game article. It went back and fourth early on and Nebraska took awhile to get going but the Huskers pulled away for a solid win in the end. Five Huskers finished the night in double digits; Shields 20, Webster 18, White 16, Jacobson 14, and Morrow came of the bench with 10.

Wisconsin is sitting with the #6 seed in the tournament and a first round bye. So needless to say they are most likely well rested and ready for tonights game. Nebraska played fairly well against them in February but the size and athleticism pulled the Badgers through for the win.  The winner tonight will go on to play #3 Maryland on Friday.

Brew of the Game: I've been in the Big Easy all week at a conference and have to say the best beer so far is NOLA's Hopitolua IPA. It's nice and hoppy for those who like a little more bite to their beers.

- GBR!