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Corn Flakes: Big 12 Anyone?

Is there anyone who will wants to be part of the Big 12? If so, I'd like to hear the reasons as long as they don't involve fantasy or dementia.

Kansas v Texas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

It's clear Big 12 has no choice but to do something soon: 7 things to know -

The evidence is mounting. The signs are there for the Big 12. The conference has to do something to address its future.

Are there still ANY OF YOU who want to be part of the Big 12? (No, you don't get to answer this as "I wish the Big Eight were still around.." any more than you get to wish that women don't have the right to vote.)

If so, I'd like to hear an explanation that doesn't involve fantasy or dementia.

"We can't do network without Texas raising its hand and saying, ‘We're willing to roll it in,'" Bowlsby said. "We've had those conversations, but they haven't raised their hand. But they also haven't said, ‘Stop right now. We're not willing to talk about it.'"

One wonders what this will come down to. You know damned well that a new "Big 12 Network" won't have the equal distribution of funds that we enjoy in the Big Ten because Texas will extort a bigger share or, as they see it, "compensation for disbanding the Longhorn Network".

Which schools will join? Which will leave? If you were Oklahoma/Oklahoma State, wouldn't you be exploring what other conferences you'd like to join?

Maybe it would be better the Big 12 simply ceased to exist.

Who in the 2016 class will see the field this season? - Corn Nation

During last year's abysmal season four true freshmen - Stanley Morgan, Devine Ozigbo, Aaron Williams, and Dedrick Young (I'm not counting Jordan Stevenson, because, traitor) - saw the field. ...

It's a fanpost! You can write a fanpost too! Now, get over there and vote in the poll!

Huskers Sweep Missouri Baptist in Home Beach Match - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The 12th-ranked Nebraska beach volleyball team picked up a 5-0 sweep against Missouri Baptist in the first-ever beach volleyball home match in school history.

Huskers Head to NCAA Indoor Championships - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

A total of eight Husker student-athletes will compete at the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships March 11-12 at the Birmingham CrossPlex in Birmingham, Ala.

Make a Difference Today for Someone Fighting for Tomorrow - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

If anyone wondered if Team Jack is a national cause and a national movement, wonder no more. Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Jim Kelly, named this week one of USA Today’s Top 10 QBs of All Time, was the keynote speaker at last Saturday night’s third annual Team Jack Gala. The Lincoln Embassy Suites event helped raise $400,000 for Team Jack’s top priority – pediatric brain cancer research.

"Gala Event" sounds like an invitation to hell to me, but it's impressive that Team Jack raised that much money.

REPORT: Illinois hires San Francisco 49ers assistant Hardy Nickerson as Defensive Coordinator - The Champaign Room

Nickerson is a member of the NFL 1990's All-Decade Team.

Illinois to hire Louisville assistant Garrick McGee as Offensive Coordinator - The Champaign Room

Lovie Smith just made a huge addition to the staff.

Illinois vs. Minnesota Final Score: Illini defeat Golden Gophers 85-52, advance to second round of Big Ten Tournament - The Champaign Room

The Fighting Illini will face No. 5 seed Iowa on Thursday.

Minnesota Basketball: Gophers Lose to Illinois 85-52 in Big Ten Tournament - The Daily Gopher

Blowout in first round of conference tournament caps nightmare season.

Worst loss by point margin in the history of the Big Ten basketball tournament. Probably to be expected since Minnesota was so short handed. It'll be interesting to see who repairs their program first - Nebraska or the Gophers.

Celebrating the 50 best college football teams since World War II -

The numbers used to make the rankings below don't remember these teams the same ways we do, but let's use them as a starting point to appreciate the greatest squads ever.

Shocking where he put the '95 Huskers. YOU WON'T BELIEVE #10. And #1 is 1945 Army, which should shock no one since they drafted the best college football players in the nation while not having a roster limitation.

Harbaugh still bemused by all fuss over Florida trip

"Yeah, yeah, at times you can get something off your chest, set the record straight, bring clarity to a situation immediately," Harbaugh said. "It’s got the ability to do all those things."

Thank God for twitter, or Jim Harbaugh would be burying bodies in the woods.

"I just needed to get that off my chest", Jim said, as he layered on the last shovel of dirt. Poor Mrs. McClary never even knew what hit her. How surprised she'd be to find that Jimbo hated her blueberry pancakes when she thought that's what he loved about her all along.

Erin Andrews Deserves Her $55 Million Judgment

That the management was willing to give the pervert the room next door, without bothering to mention to Andrews that someone was stalking her, is absolutely crazy. Creeps across the land are now scratching their chins and thinking, "Huh, who’d I like to stalk? Apparently it’s not that hard!"

Erin Andrews' $55M award is absurd - NY Daily News

Fifty five million dollars because people got to see Erin Andrews naked on the Internet. But Erin Andrews is still alive and, as the defendants in the case argued, is certainly thriving. She's free to go on "Dancing with the Stars" or schmooze with NFL players. But a jury felt her pain — and treated the symptoms with cash. America, what a country.

Pop Warner Settles Lawsuit Over Player Who Had C.T.E. - The New York Times

"It’s a precedent they just set," Christopher Fusco, a lawyer in New Jersey who defends municipalities in sports-related cases, said, referring to Pop Warner. "If the leagues have good insurance policies, lawyers will go after them."

So... really, this has little to do with CTE and everything to do with lawyers making money. Keep that in mind as we see more of this moving forward.

How a single Jaguars fan tricked ESPN into reporting a fake NFL rumor -

This is a story of one man, a bad rumor and things going too far.

Chiefs stripped of a 3rd-round pick for tampering with Jeremy Maclin last year -

Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt says he disagrees with the NFL's decision and promises to explore the appeals process.

Why South Dakota State should be your NCAA Tournament upset pick -

Looking for an NCAA Tournament upset pick? We're going to tell you everything you need to know about the teams you may not have heard of, the schools they come from and why they could win. Next up: SDSU, which will control the scoreboard.

Bracketology: Saint Mary's joins a crowded bubble -

On Saturday, it was Wichita State, Monmouth and Valparaiso on Monday. And the Gaels' Tuesday loss to a Gonzaga team that had to have the WCC crown to dance again left yet another regular season champ with a long, anxious wait.