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Big Red Cobcast: Nebraska Men

Are Nebraska men better than all the other men? Short answer: Yes.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so before we even get into it I want to start off by saying Joe and I raced. I won. Duh. Here's proof.

Also, here's the aftermath

So there it is, I'm better than Joe. Period. End of story.

Moving on... We took time this week to talk about the importance of bringing in ex-Huskers onto the coaching staff. How important is a Scott Frost or a Trev Alberts or a Joe Ganz even?

I would love to bring back the smash mouth football but I don't think that bringing back a player would necessarily do that, let alone bring back our 90's dominance. The only thing that would make it feel like the Osborne era again would be an obscene amount of W's. An Obscene amount. So many wins that it's almost not fun anymore. That's the only way.

But that's me. Traditions holds some weight with me but I'd rather win. They can have 7 stripes on their pants if they whip Bama or Ohio State. I don't care if they even have pants on as long as they beat every team by 28. I'd allow Mack Brown to coach us to back to back titles. Barry switzer himself could be AD if we 3-Peat.

How do you like them apples? What are your thoughts? Comment or Tweet us. Please, Jesus, please be our fan.

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