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Big Red Cobcast: Don't Forget To Bring A (Brian) Towle

Husker recruiting guru, Brian Towle, joined the Cobcast fellas to talk about National Signing Day and the 2016 recruiting class.

High School kids.

I feel like this should be the end of the discussion. I'm not one for hat ceremonies or these new videos. They haven't played a down yet and they think they're something. It's ridiculous.


I usually pick my favorite recruit based off their name. Byerson Cockrell, Johnny Stanton, Ameer Abdullah. This year it's Dicaprio Bootle. He's gonna be our best player. Stars mean nothing.

What do Johnny Rodgers, Tom Osborne and Walter Payton all have in common? I'll give you a second. THEY ALL HAD ZERO STARS. No stars between them. Zip, Zilch, Zada.

Now with all this said. Ignore it, because we had Brian Towle (pronounced Towel Lee) to talk about Husker recruiting. He knows his shit. When it comes to high school boys, Brian is your man.

Not like that, weirdo. Get it together already. You're embarrassing yourself.

Brian really understands recruiting and pays attention. He brought a lot to the table and had some interesting points about the process and where he thinks we stand going forward. This episode is worth the listen, and if you like talking about young boys, this one's really for you.

Again, not like that. Stop being gross.

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