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Nebraska vs. Rutgers Game Thread

Rutgers brings their winless conference record to the Great Plains

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Yep, you read that right. Rutgers has yet to win a single conference game. More importantly, that's worse than Nebraska. So the boys better not lay an egg. The Scarlet Knights came close earlier this week going 3 over times against Illinois. If you remember, it was before the Nebraska vs. Maryland game and it caused a bit of confusion with the fans and BTN. Anyway, on to the game.

Previous Game: Nebraska 90 Rutgers 56

Date: Saturday, February 6th

Time: 1:00pm CST

Location: Lincoln, NE


Streaming: Watch ESPN, Husker Sports Network

Probable Starters

Nebraska: Andrew White III, Shavon Shields, Benny Parker, Glynn Watson Jr., Michael Jacobson

Rutgers: Greg Lewis, DJ Foreman, Jonathan Laurent, Cory Sanders, Mike Williams

Brew of the Game: Empyrean Brewing's Dark Side Porter. This was the first porter I remember trying back when I started getting into beers what wasn't Natty Light. It dark and fairly rich but only 5.7% abv. Have one at Laslos for lunch before the game and enjoy the butt whooping Nebraska will hopefully be giving the Scarlet Knights today.

- GBR!