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Nebraska Football: Husker Fans Send North Stadium Pizza After Yesterday's Work

A few fans decided to thank North Stadium for their work this week, and the staff was beyond happy.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

To be fair, the North Stadium offices usually are hopping. However, one would think that the Nebraska Cornhuskers staff would be a little tired after not only dealing with National Signing Day, but prepping and doing so after Lincoln and most of Nebraska got a ton of snow dumped on themselves, causing Interstate 80 to close and schools shutting down.

However, it looks like a group of fans showed up and took care of the staff that worked hard for everyone yesterday.

11 pizza's and a few cookies should help the doldrums that happens when you're a little cranky, tired, and don't want to be at work. Especially when it's bone chilling cold. But, some fans stepped up and showed the love today. And it truly looks like the staff appreciates it.

A token like that for a starving, tired staff just goes to show you that there is No Place Like Nebraska.