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Corn Flakes: Mike Riley's Recruiting, Nebraska Baseball Coming

All eyes will be on Darin Erstad in a few weeks.
All eyes will be on Darin Erstad in a few weeks.
Jon Johnston

Another National Signing Day has come in and gone, and Mike Riley's first full recruiting class is on board. It looks pretty good from what little I know about it. As I've said before I don't pay much attention to new recruits until they get in school and get on the field they're not much more than warm bodies to me.

I don't mean that in a meat market sense and I don't want to put a damper on what looks like a nice groups of young men who have decided on the University of Nebraska but there are so many variables in transitioning from high school to college but it's really difficult to judge who's going to be a contributor and who isn't. All I can say is welcome new recruits!! I'm glad you chose the University of Nebraska, my alma mater, and I hope you win many championships in order to sooth my ego.

Nebraska baseball is coming up sooner than you think. We hope to provide decent coverage on that, can certainly hope the team has a better season than they did last year. Off the top of my head I'd say that we need to find some good arms in the bullpen, but like I said we'll be covering that coming up.

Husker wrestler shifts goal from being undefeated to national champion | Sports |
Like any athlete, Tyler Berger does not like to lose—ever.

Coach Riley Introduces 2016 Signing Class - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska Head Coach Mike Riley announced the Huskers' 2016 signing class on Wednesday, Feb. 3, a group that includes 21 scholarship players who hail from 14 states.


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Harvesting Talent in the Heartland and Beyond

Alabama finishes with Signing Day's best class *for the 6th year in a row* -
The Tide entered the week in danger of losing their streak. They didn't.

Rashan Gary, the nation's top recruit, commits to Michigan over Clemson -
The consensus five-star defensive lineman gives Jim Harbaugh a huge boost.

This map shows every 2016 5-star football recruit and where they're headed -
Georgia and Ole Miss enter Signing Day as the only teams with multiple five-star commitments. LSU, USC and Alabama have since joined them.

The 21 wildest National Signing Day stories, from Willie Williams to Landon Collins -
Who'll be added to the halls of recruiting greatness this year? Updated for 2016!

Q&A: Matt Farniok talks Huskers, senior season, siblings | USA Today High School Sports | USA Today High School Sports
Question: What’s the more annoying question you have dealt with — how does it feel to be done with the recruiting process? Or, where are you going to go? Answer: The most annoying one is definitely, ‘Hey where you gonna go?" It just kind of got to a point of begin really annoying, because I really didn’t know. People just didn’t stop. … And it’s not like I’m going to tell some random stranger anyway.


Youth Tackle Program Is Being Eliminated in a Football Hotbed - The New York Times
The Boys & Girls Club in the East Texas town of 24,000 announced this week that it was ending its tackle football program because of the long-term dangers associated with the spor not show on by your will rank like I a there's a is I the kid affablet. In its place, the club will expand its popular flag football program.

Kenny Stabler's CTE diagnosis why football needs dramatic change - NFL

That's why dramatic change is needed from the lowest participation level on up in order to save football from itself. To reduce the number of blows absorbed by developing brains, a reasonable plan enacted by reasonable guardians would go something like this.....

We're going to continue to see CTE cases, and with them, we will continue to see columnists get up on their perches and tell us how horrible the game of football is and by implication how horrible we should feel for enjoying the sport. We'll see more suggestions about to to cure the problem than we saw variations of a potential college football playoff before there was one.

Why Haven’t Concussions Hurt the N.F.L.? - The New York Times

For all the revelations about the dangers pro football poses to its players, the sport is more popular than ever. How the commissioner Roger Goodell and a group of billionaire owners manage the league in a time of crisis — and record profits.

This uses a lot of words to tell us the NFL is run by rich old white men, but I don't see where it actually answers its own question.

Then There's This: