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Nebraska Football: Players To Watch In The 2016 Recruiting Cycle

Who are the guys in this class you should be watching? Here are six names for you to watch.

David McGee

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have their 21 commits, but who are the guys who will be the big players on this class?

I went with 247sports' Mike Schaefer and named my Super Six. I'll share my thoughts as to why I picked each player.

1. Lamar Jackson

Think of a multi-use tool that you can use to fix something that isn't working very well, and you can plug it into multiple spots to help you out. That and the Nebraska Pass D from this past year is why Jackson is my number 1. He's a good Safety but probably just as good short side Corner, where he'll start. If the falback is that he is a Safety? Oh darn the luck!

2. Patrick O'Brien

It may be unfair to say, however the success of this class to a few people will sit on how good Patrick plays for Nebraska and how fruitful his career will be. Him being on campus early will help, and if the need arises, he could be behind Center at some time this coming season.

3. Bryan Brokop

I'm picking Brokop over Matt Farniok for now, only cause I think he'll be as good as Farniok will be when he leaves Nebraska. Nebraska needs a guy at RT that can be as good as the blind side, and Brokop isn't a slouch at all

4. JD Spielman

If Spielman was on the West coast, he'd be ranked much, much higher. The fact that his Father and Uncle both are in and around the NFL and such tells you that he has an idea of what he needs to do to succeed. He has a level head and can play with that level head, and that only helps a school that has a up and coming AC at the position.

5. Derrion Grim

Grim's early entry into Nebraska along with POB helps his cause as well. Being in and working with Tommy Armstrong this year as well as O'Brien will only help his cause, and being around for 14 practices with guys like Jordan Westerkamp can only help your cause.

6. Marquel Dismuke

The final entry in the Super Six I submitted has just as much of a chance playing next to Nathan Gerry as anyone else has a chance to find the field. Nebraska has been known as wanting depth in the Defensive backfield, and Dismuke has the talent and knowledge to help his cause.

Sleeper: Jack Stoll

Stoll is good enough to be a factor in the Offense. I talk about Matt Snyder needing to step up and take over for Cethan Carter, but Stoll has played enough different spots to make a impact on the Nebraska Offense.


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