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Nebraska Football: DE Joe Keels Transferring To Eastern Michigan

The JUCO didn't do much in Lincoln, and will grad transfer out for his final year.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

With all the news about the Nebraska Cornhuskers gaining new players in the 2016 signing class, there usually comes a note of players leaving the program. Today is no different.

Joe Keels, who was on the Nebraska Football roster for two seasons but only got in five games, will be spending his final season with Eastern Michigan University in a grad transfer situation.

Keels, who came to Lincoln from Highland Community College in Kansas, originally came from Bradford HS in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Keels played in five games in his Junior season, gaining one unassisted tackle that whole year.

Since Keels will gain his degree in Sociology this May, he's able to transfer without penalty to a school that accepts him, and EMU obviously did.

We wish him well.