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Nebrasketball: Nebraska vs Penn State Game Thread

The Huskers took it to the Nittany Lions in Lincoln. Can they do the same in Happy Valley?

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone get over the overtime loss to Ohio State on Saturday? Yeah, me neither. That was a rough game on both sides from start to finish. Neither team wanted to score and the refs couldn't decide whether they were going to call all the fouls or none at all. That was a long ride home for me to say the least.

I digress, on to Penn State.

Not sure what to think of this game. Penn State has actually had a couple of good wins that included a big win over Iowa a few days after we beat them in Lincoln. An Iowa team that was the Big Ten darling just a couple of weeks ago and is currently 1-3 in the last 4 games. I really did think that Penn State had their one upset for the year over Indiana but the Nittany Lions like to surprise. Then again, we beat them without Shavon so maybe we can pull off another one. The Nittany Lions did have a hard time guarding Andrew White III last time. If you remember correctly, he started the game on fire and ended the night with 35 points and carried the team with little issue.

One nice note on this game, Shavon Shields is traveling with the team. He has been practicing for a little bit without any problems but I wouldn't expect to see too much of him right away. Concussions are treated with kit gloves and the spill that Shavon took will most likely take some time to get through. If anything, his presence on the road and in uniform will at least make his team feel better. At least, we can hope.

This game is also fairly important to our post season dreams. Right now Nebraska is ahead of both Penn State and Northwestern in the conference standings at #9. If we drop more than one spot then we will miss out on a first round bye in the Big Ten Tournament. Miles stated yesterday what he was will make sure the Huskers had a bye.

Fell free to place your guess on what body part he was talking about in the comments section.

Finally, this is also probably going to be an eliminator game for the NIT. I know a few of you had hopes that the Big Red were going to make it to the NCAA Tournament but that hasn't looked to good since December. Nebraska has three more games including this one and unless we pull off a big upset against Purdue next Tuesday then this game and the finale against Northwestern need to be W's in the record books.

I say Nebraska pulls this one off but it won't be that pretty on either front. Nebraska 72 Penn State 61

Penn State

Date: Thursday, February 25th

Game Time: 6:00pm

Location: State College, PA

Previous Game: Nebraska won on February 13th 70-54


Streaming: WatchESPN, Husker Sports Network

Radio: KLIN

Probable Starters

Nebraska: Andrew White III, Benny Parker, Glynn Watson Jr., Michael Jacobson, Jack McVeigh

Penn State: Payton Banks, Brandon Taylor, Jordan Dickerson, Shep Garner, Josh Reaves

Brew of the Game: I've been on the road a lot lately and the warm weather around here has brought on a whale of a cold and my sense of humor has become a little twisted. I told myself I wouldn't but.....let's go with the Duquesne Joe Paterno Lager. Feel free to send me any hate mail you like.

- GBR!