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Corn Flakes: Tennessee, Rutgers, Nebraska NIT

News for today. Tennessee is under fire, Rutgers basketball is HORRIBLE and will Nebraska make the NIT?

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They are horrible.
They are horrible.
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This is one of those where I don't do much but take shots at other programs besides ours.

Aaron Williams suffers knee injury | Life in the Red |

"It might've been a long-term thing that just developed to be worse, to where it was bothering him running," the Nebraska head coach told the Journal Star. "So he had it checked. It's torn, so (doctors) will probably clip it. He'll be ready for the last three weeks of spring ball."

Huskers offer a pair of quarterbacks

Nebraska made a pair of scholarship offers to pro-style quarterbacks on Monday as Nebraska continues to cast a wide net looking for quarterbacks.

Huskers Travel to Penn State on Thursday - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Nebraska men’s basketball team looks for its fourth Big Ten road win of the season Thursday evening, as the Huskers travel to State College, Pa., to take on the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Nebraska has three regular season games left; Penn State, Purdue, and Northwestern. I am guessing that the Huskers need to win all three for a shot at the NIT tournament, although maybe with Shields back they could make a little run in the Big Ten tourney.

The NIT Bracket Project - 2016

Nebraska is currently in the "others considered" area. Creighton is in. Ohio State is in. Northwestern is in and the Wildcats are behind Nebraska in Big Ten standings.

NU Shoots for Conference Championship This Weekend - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The No. 8 Nebraska rifle team continues postseason competition as it travels to Oxford, Miss., for the 2016 Great America Rifle Conference Championships on Feb. 26-28. The team will face off against conference-opponents West Virginia, Kentucky, Memphis, Ole Miss, Navy, Army, Akron and NC State.

The NCAA says schools can't use nicknames to subtweet unsigned recruits -

That was fun while it lasted.

This makes sense. I know it will sound like it's just joy killing, but it makes sense.

"Bring Doug Home Campaign" Takes The Internet - Cowboys Ride For Free

Ford isn't even out yet and the campaign has started. Guess it is just like the presidential race.

The Bracket Project's Bracket Matrix - 2016

Latest 2016 NCAA Basketball Tourney Bracket projection

Auburn defensive end Gimel President transfers to Illinois - The Champaign Room

President has also been named to the All-Big Ten Name Team.

Something good has happened to Illinois football!!!!

Rutgers basketball is historically bad, and it's hurting the Big Ten - Land-Grant Holy Land

Minnesota blew out a shorthanded Rutgers squad, giving the Scarlet Knights their 30th straight Big Ten loss. After the loss, Rutgers plummeted below 300 in the KenPom rankings, the first time a major conference team has sunk that low -- ever. At No. 301, Rutgers is now ranked below college basketball heavyweights like Seattle, Central Arkansas, and Longwood.

I knew Rutgers was bad, but I didn't think they were this bad. It's really sad, actually.... it is. I've been fighting the flu the past couple days and apparently it's made me so weak I can't make fun of pathetic Rutgers.

Building the brand one sport at a time - On the Banks

Define what a successful athletic program is. Does it include national rankings for all your sports? Or are one or two really successful teams enough? I've got some thoughts on that.

Rutgers is awful at many things, not just football and men's basketball. If they do manage to get good at something it's going to take some time, as in years of time. Who has that kind of patience? What kind of person do you have to be to be someone who would ever buy a t-shirt from a place that is all-around awful at nearly every sport someone has heard of????

Jerry Kill and U of M part ways; couldn't agree on his next role -

Interim athletic director Beth Goetz has had several conversations with Kill since he retired as football coach for health reasons Oct. 28 about his next role at the university, but they did not reach an agreement.

That's too bad for Minnesota. I imagine Kill will find something worthwhile to do with himself. It may take him a while, but he seems like a guy who won't stay out of working for very long, even if it kills him.


Tennessee is so bad right now they get their own section.

(I am not a lawyer.)

Tennessee wants Peyton Manning allegations removed from lawsuit -

The University of Tennessee filed a motion asking plaintiffs' lawyers to remove any Peyton Manning allegations from a lawsuit against the school.

Of course they do. I imagine that if it gets into court with that still in the lawsuit it can open up a much bigger can of worms. Instead of going back to 2013, I would imagine that including those allegations would allow the plaintiffs to potentially use incidents back to 1996.

It's also gotten this lawsuit more attention than it would have otherwise, and if you want to pressure a payout (which is what this is), you head for the court of public opinion first. I don't think it's very difficult to determine what that court thinks right now.

Lawsuit: Tennessee coach Butch Jones called player a 'traitor'

University of Tennessee football coach Butch Jones told one of his players he "betrayed the team" after the wide receiver helped a woman who said she was raped by two other football players, according to a new legal filing in a sweeping lawsuit filed by six women against Tennessee.

This is a sign that this man should not be in coaching. There's a lot of pressure in college coaching, sure, and especially the SEC, but if this really happened, it is a sure sign that this is not a guy you want as a mentor for young men.

In fairness, we have so far only heard one side of this lawsuit (to my knowledge).

Tennessee Coaches Speak On Culture in Joint Press Conference - Rocky Top Talk

Seeing all 16 coaches on stage speaking on the culture on campus says more than any individual statement.

Consider this 15 coaches getting together to basically defend themselves and their careers against one jackass. That's one perspective.

It could also be a serious acknowledgement that they need to do a better job.

In a lawsuit filing, player alleges Butch Jones called him a 'traitor' for helping a rape victim -

Former Tennessee player Drae Bowles also alleges he was attacked by teammates.

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