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Big Red Cobcast: Drugs

The Cobcast fellas talk about whether or not athletes should be allowed to do drugs? I bet I know what Joe thinks.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports


Lets face it, they're everywhere. Some states have legalized some of them, some states beat you and lock you up over a dime bag.  Actually, that's just weed. So, basically, when I say drugs, I mean weed.

First Ricky Williams now Randy Gregory. Many people don't even realize that Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and both Cheech and Chong had pro scouts looking at them at one point in time. Which begs the question - Is marijuana ruining professional sports.

Maybe we should  go the Amsterdonian route and legalize all of them. Let everyone make their own decisions and have Darwin sort them out. (That's how darwin works, right?) Should all athletes have access to steroids. HGH and weed (obviously)? Hell why we're at it if you can play professional level basketball tripping balls on Peyote, then have at it. Right? Drugs for everybody!

In this episode, we talk about this to the farthest lengths we possibly can. And yes, Joe does love weed still.

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