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Former Husker John Parrella To Be Named Defensive Line Coach

Mike Riley had a list of 50 names of potential candidates for the Nebraska Defensive Line Coach Position. I do not recall him ever saying that there were 50 different names.

It doesn't matter because in the end only one guy gets the job - and it looks like it's former Husker John Parrella - that's PARRELLA with two R's and two L's.

Parrella played at Nebraska under Tom Osborne as a defensive tackle. He was a Second Team All-American in 1992 and First Team All-Big Eight. He was drafted in the second round of the 1993 NFL Draft by Buffalo, but spent most of his NFL career (1994-2001) with the San Diego Chargers where he played for head coach Mike Riley and defensive coordinator Mark Banker. Parrella finished his career (2002-2004) with the Oakland Raiders.

Most recently Parrella coached defensive line at Northern Michigan.

I still remember Parrella from the '92 Nebraska - Iowa State game. He definitely looks like a defensive line coach.

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