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2016 Nebraska Spring Football: Offensive Overview

Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr pitches the football against Northwestern.
Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr pitches the football against Northwestern.
David McGee

What's the over/under on the number of beers that will be had by Nebraska fans as they discuss what's in store for the offense in 2016?

I'd go with a gazillion, then I'd take the over.

There are so many questions about what might happen before we even get to discussing specific position groups, the percentage of offensive production that comes back, or how this coming season won't be like last season at all.

We're always here to help so we've come up with questions about the 2016 offense in order to facilitate your civil discussions with your Husker friend fans. The CN staff spent days coming up with these questions in order to serve you.

Suggested Questions For Discussion About The 2016 Offense

  • Will Nebraska run the dadgummed ball?
  • Will Danny Langsdorf call plays that fit his athletes rather than whatever he wants to call this year?
  • Who's going to replace Andy Janovich?
  • Are we going to see the same five or six linemen every game? Or will there be an actual rotation?
  • Does Mikale Wilbon get the ball more and will Terrell Newby sit?
  • Can Nebraska finally get a 1,000 yard receiver for a season?
  • Does Danny Langsdorf realize now finally that Tommy Armstrong is better off being a complimentary game manager instead of the guy who has to win the game week in and week out?
  • Does Tommy Armstrong realize that?
  • Will De’Mornay Pierson-El come back to the level of he was in his Freshman year, or has the injuries he’s suffered permanently hampered him?
  • Nebraska was 43rd in Scoring Offense this year, but one more TD per game puts you in the top 15 of FBS. Is it a matter of consistency (eliminating types of games like the Illinois and Iowa games) or simply cutting down on penalties, or a mish-mash of everything?
  • Will the UCLA game plan be the new normal, or will the vertical game still be top priority?
  • Will we EVER be happy with any offensive coordinator's play calling? Will anyone anywhere?
Nebraska football head coach Mike Riley
Does Mike Riley know how to coach?
David McGee


  • Does Mike Riley even know how to coach football?

2016 Offensive Overview

The 2016 offense should be in very good shape as nearly everyone at the skill positions return. Most of the offensive line starters are gone, but they're just really huge guys who can be easily replaced by the next set of huge guys with few complications unless your offense requires the basic skill of blocking.

Unfortunately, Nebraska's offense does require blocking, so it's safe and obvious to say that the 2016 offense will go as far as the next set of huge guys will take it.

Look at all the positives about the offense for 2016:

  • - Everyone you would expect to start or play a significant role has had a year to learn the offense
  • - Offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf have had a year to get to know their players
  • - Starting quarterback returns
  • - Nearly all the running backs return
  • - Nearly all the receivers return
  • - Tight ends showed great promise towards the end of 2015, and guess what!? Most of them return!

Compare that to a little bitty negative about the 2016 offense:

  • Nearly the entire offensive line must be replaced

You should be feeling pretty good about Nebraska's ability to score in 2016!