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Nebraska Football: How To Follow Along Corn Nation's Coverage Of National Signing Day 2016

Wednesday is a big day in the College Football world, and it's just as big for the Huskers as anyone else. Here's how you can follow along at Corn Nation.

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Tomorrow is the big day, as the Nebraska Cornhuskers get ready to sign their 2016 recruiting class. Head Coach Mike Riley expects at least 21 scholarship recruits to fax their letters into North Stadium, and we haven't even gotten into the walk-on's who will be coming to Lincoln as well.

Now, since today was a snow day, some may not get that luxury tomorrow and have to go back to work. How can you follow us all day long? Simple! You have these steps:

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Make it two commits for the Nebraska Huskers today, as they nail their top ranked player for the '16 cycle.

Posted by Corn Nation on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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We will start our coverage at 6am Central with our posts, which will come through the morning until everyone has signed and the Huskers talk about the class with a 2:30 press conference.

Come join us.