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Corn Flakes: BTN Fail, Big 12 Revenue Sucks

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Good lord basketball is hard to watch.

I don't mean Nebrasketball. Tim Miles' team is fun, most of the time at least. They're young, they're athletic, and they have more guys that can score than they've had in a few years. It sucks that Shavon Shields has been out, but I am hoping this team can win enough of their last few games to get a NIT bid and spend more time playing together in the postseason.

I mean basketball overall is hard to watch. I'm not a roundball guru by any means, but I probably have the same complaints as a lot of other people who are casual observers.... that being, what the hell are they calling?

I don't honestly understand what they're calling most of the time. There's no consistency, no matter what game I watch. It's bad enough there isn't consistency from foul call to foul call, i.e., player B does same thing player A just did a minute ago but there is no foul, but it unnerves me that the game can go for five minutes when all of a sudden the officials decide to run off five calls in a minute just because they can, apparently.

Last night's game had an added bonus. BTN's color guy Bob Wenzel was about as big as an "impartial" Indiana homer boy as you could get. He was bloody awful. It was frustrating enough watching Nebraska give up so many threes to a decent Hoosier team, but I gave up on the broadcast shortly into the second half, turned the sound down and watched it silently the rest of the game.

Huskers Head to Wisconsin for Warhawk Invitational - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The second-ranked Nebraska bowling team travels to Wisconsin this weekend for the Warhawk Invitational, held Friday through Sunday at Sheridan Lanes in Kenosha, Wis. The tournament is hosted by No. 7 Wisconsin-Whitewater.

NU Takes 5-0 Record to Big Ten/ACC Challenge - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Following a 5-0 opening weekend, the Nebraska softball team begins a difficult stretch of its schedule this weekend, when the Huskers travel to Raleigh, N.C., for the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

East Campus exhibit explores history of Nebraska fashion | News |

From a bejeweled, sky-blue silk gown to a denim jacket adorned with applique butterflies, historical Nebraska fashion is on display on the second floor of The Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery

I am not sure, but I thought this was interesting. Maybe it's because Mrs CN's UNL degree was in fashion and design or textiles, or... shit, don't tell her I don't remember.

Accounting for IMG with state of Florida recruiting rankings - Tomahawk Nation

This is consistent with what we know about recruiting -- that geography is an incredibly important factor, of which playing in Florida for one season is not going to often overcome.

Key on that geography thing.

Drink prices at Super Bowl 50 were outrageous |

If beer is your drink of choice, get ready to pay $13 for a Coors Light. And if you're looking for something a little fancier, a glass of wine will cost you $25. Yup, $25 for a single glass.

These prices seem directly proportional to Super Bowl ticket prices, don't they?

I've never really had a thing about attending a Super Bowl, no matter where it was or who was playing.

What did each Big Ten team learn in 2015? |

In a season where five of Nebraska’s seven losses came by five points or fewer, the Cornhuskers found somebody to help shepherd them through the tough times in running back Terrell Newby.

I am not sure that most Husker fans see in Terrell Newby what this guy sees, but I'm open to listening.

Meet the Michigan State walk-on who will soon be a 1st-round NFL Draft pick | FOX Sports
Jack Conklin's taken quite a path from being a walk-on with zero FBS offers -- who once tried (and failed) to catch the attention of Illinois coach/water skiing aficionado Ron Zook by including video of himself slaloming back and forth through the water as part of his football highlight tape -- to becoming the first All-American offensive tackle at Michigan State in almost 20 years.

UNL supercomputers help gravitational wave discovery | UNL Newsroom | University of Nebraska–Lincoln
As it turns out, crunching the galaxies of data spawned by the discovery has also demanded collaboration – this time among a series of global supercomputer networks guided in part by computer scientists at UNL’s Holland Computing Center.

PENN STATE 79, IOWA 75: THE LEVEE BREAKS - Black Heart Gold Pants

Iowa's issues come full circle, and its first unranked loss is its most decisive of the season.

I put this here because Iowa lost.

Purdue Athletic Director Search: An H&R Roundtable - Hammer and Rails

The staff of Hammer & Rails weighs in on their choices to replace Morgan Burke.

Purdue will probably get around to hiring a new AD in 2018. Meanwhile....

OFFICIAL: Josh Whitman is the University of Illinois' new Athletic Director - The Champaign Room

Whitman is Illinois' 14th Athletic Director

He's 26. He's a billionaire. A concert pianist. He can fly his own plane. He's a control freak. He makes women orgasm by saying their name... wait, no, that's that fictional Grey character. Still.... this guy is really really young.

Josh Whitman writes letter to Illinois I-Fund members - The Champaign Room
The new AD promises success on and off the field.

5 projects for new Illinois AD Josh Whitman to consider upon arriving in Champaign - The Champaign Room

Should Illinois sell beer at football games? Whitman should think about it.

If that'll bring people to the stands.

Big 12 paid out $9.4 million less to schools than SEC in 2014-15 -

There is a major disparity in earnings between SEC and Big 12 teams, so much so that a gap once closed is once again wide open.

If you're still one of those people who want to be back in the Big 12... GET A CLUE.

Dad Accused of Attacking Wrestler Who Defeated His Son - KHGI-TV/KWNB-TV/KHGI-CD-Grand Island, Kearney, Hastings

Investigators say Micheel assaulted a 17-year-old wrestler that had just competed against his son by slamming him to the ground in the hallway. According to court records, Micheel told investigators the winning wrestler was "talking crap" about his son.

A perfectly good reason for a fully grown adult male to attack a 17-year old, right?

Speaking of Assaults, you keep it up Tennessee