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The Big Red Cobcast Gets Deep. Bro.

The fellas break Cobcast tradition and get super deep on this week's episode.

Neutrally speaking, do people sit at nice or are they jerks? Let me ask that a better way, when you meet someone do you assume that they are an asshole or do you assume that they are gonna be cool?

That's what this week's Cobcast is about. Does the dead time between the bowl and the spring game open itself up to negative media or positive media? As people, do we seek out problems in the regime, players and institutions or do we seek out positive stories?

It seems to me that for every Team Jack situation there are 5 stories about Pelini calling us "cunts". Those are his words guys, not mine. For every Avery Strong story there are a dozen stories about Armstrong not living up to his last name or Riley fill-in-the-blank-here articles. Hell, even Corn Nation has a pissed off, drunk, corn cob as a mascot, not a friendly, poet corn cob.

So that's the thing we talk about. Why is everyone an asshole? Yes, even you.

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