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Corn Flakes: Younger Next Year, Peyton Manning, UNO "Philanthropy"

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Maybe cut down on the cheese, beer and brats, huh?
Maybe cut down on the cheese, beer and brats, huh?
Photo by Theo Heimann/Getty Images

Welcome to Monday!

Everyone have a good Valentine's Day?

Mrs CN and I had pie at Perkins. Pretty decent choice and a cheap date.

I still haven't had any alcohol in 2016. Kind of weird, but I don't have much desire for it with maybe the exception once in a while for a heavy, "food group" beer like a Guiness or a Boddington's.

I started re-reading a book I'd read a few years ago entitled "Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You're 80 and Beyond" by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D.. I picked it up at a customer site where the company owner thought so highly of it he bought a copy for every single one of his employees, then insisted I take on because even though I wasn't an employee I was an "important part of his organization", a comment I appreciated.

The book is about reversing the aging process... or maybe more about understanding the aging process and how we're not dealing with it that well and what to do about it. The gist of it goes like this:

You understand you're going to get older, and with that there will always be some level of aging that you cannot control. The authors of this book make sure you understand there's a different between "aging" and "decay". They establish rules for reversing the aging process which really come down to exercising on a daily basis. They also do a decent job of explaining why most of the food we eat is making us fat along with lots of why our body does what it does because of biology and evolution.

It is interesting to me specifically because it addresses a fear I have; that fear becoming old and inactive. If you continue to survive, you're going to get old, it's as simple as that, but as you get older, do you still expect to be active? The problem is you're not going to get older and die because the sunsabitches won't let you. They'll keep you around, inactive blob or not, and you'll just have to sit on your ass and watch everyone else do fun things. Is that what you want?

(Note that "being active" includes going to Nebraska football games. Away games, especially, where you don't particularly know exactly where you're going all the time, and you may have to run from angry students after you've just called them all sorts of names because the younger generation is so damned sensitive about EVERYTHING.)

It's not what I want, so I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to improve my health. The biggest problem I have is that the infraction flow in my heart is around 35-37% - infraction flow being how well your heart does at pumping blood flow - and there's that discussion about me getting a defibrillator, something I would like to avoid.

If you saw the headline "Younger Next Year" and thought it was about the football team, well, the football team is probably going to be younger next year as well.


The men's basketball team is currently 6-7 in Big Ten play and 9th in conference standings. There's talk of a NIT bid, which would be wonderful for this team this year. There's been a good level of improvement. Mostly, they are fun to watch most of the time.

Huskers Knock Off No. 17 Michigan State - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Jessica Shepard scored 26 points and Natalie Romeo added 25 to power Nebraska to a 73-66 women's basketball win over No. 17 Michigan State Sunday at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

The women get annihilated by Minnesota, then turn around and knock off a ranked team. WBB is currently 6th in the Big Ten at 8-6.

Our photographer, David McGee, had wonderful galleries of both basketball games this past weekend. You looked, right? The guy never gets many comments on his galleries. Y'all could show him some more love, you know.

Lincoln has branched out for new sporting events | Directions |

"The Lincoln CVB is constantly maintaining relationships with event planners to make sure that when an event comes up for bid, Lincoln is putting its best foot forward," Bombeck said.

Landing A Whale: How Does Old Dominion Land A Seven Game Series With Virginia Tech? - Underdog Dynasty

It is old news now, but the Old Dominion Monarchs are scheduled to face off versus the Virginia Tech Hokies seven times in nine years from 2017-2025. Not only is that an impressive haul for one of the newest FBS programs in the nation, that is one of the biggest scheduling coups for a Conference USA team in conference history.

APNewsBreak: Feds open broad bias probe into Iowa athletics

The Department of Education rejected the university's request for the 29-page document under the Freedom of Information Act, saying its disclosure could interfere with the investigation.

If I read this correctly, Iowa really doesn't completely know what they're being investigated for... right? The article is fairly damning, but it's a little disconcerting to know the feds can jump right in after complaints by a few people and potentially rip apart a program.

Will LSU Play Football In 2016? Yes. No. Maybe. (Probably) - And The Valley Shook

Hey! Politics! Behave or I'll throw you out the air lock! Also, I am assuming that A.) I don't have to say for the 3672th time on this website that LSU Athletics receives no state dollars and...

LA is one effed up state right now. Add it to the list. It makes news when the governor says lack of a budget might shut down college football, especially when it's LSU football.

Shatel: Husker coach Mike Riley’s outlook is still sunny after a stormy debut season - Big Red Today - Husker Football News, Schedules And Videos

Mike Riley is figuratively still unpacking boxes in his program after a 6-7 first season that was a roller coaster of football and emotions. He sat down with Tom Shatel to take stock of his program.

Fairly standard questions to go with fairly standard answers. What did you get out of this one?

Steven M. Sipple: Bray brings praise; Pelini draws barbs | Sipple: Latest Husker News |

They weren't allowed to coach," said Banderas, his voice rising. "It would be like they were scared and looking over their shoulder every time they made a call because here comes Hulk Smash. From what I've seen from coach (Mike) Riley, he's letting his guys coach."

That damned Bo Pelini.

Celebrating Black History and Who Is Wilbur Wood? - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Prior to World War I, Wilbur Wood, a University of Nebraska student-athlete from 1907 to 1910, became the first Husker African-American basketball player. He was also among the first African-Americans

I missed this before. Very interesting if you're a history guy.

KING: Peyton Manning’s squeaky-clean image was built on lies - NY Daily News

Thirteen years ago, USA Today obtained 74 pages of court documents on Peyton Manning that revealed allegations of a sexual-assault scandal.

This is... pretty damning. Not only that Manning would do what he did in the first place, but feel the need to later on publish information in a book that would destroy the career of a woman he apparently did not like. Do you get just how vindictive a person you would have to be to do that?

I am guessing 90% of us won't care. Boys will be boys after all, right?

No public bidding on major NU contracts - OMAHA METRO

The university shares power with donors and shields the plans’ details from the public.

I am curious as to what you guys thought of this one. There's a lot of money exchanging hands here, and it certainly looks bad, but has UNO benefited from the "philanthropy" more than they've been hurt?

Curious as to what Omahans... Omahites... whatever you are have to say about it.

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